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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Facebook page | Benefits Of Using Facebook Business Page

Facebook page | Benefits Of Using Facebook Business Page

     Facebook Business Page 

Facebook has created it clear that it'll be taking additional aggressive steps to remove misclassified personal profiles used for business functions. As a result, a lot of business owners who are incorrectly exploitation personal Facebook profiles to promote their businesses are confronted with 2 choices: 1) Convert your personal profile to a business Page, or 2) risk getting deleted.

#Facebook Business page

It’s not particularly surprising to me that there are holdouts who aren’t going down without a fight. They insist that employing a personal profile is better for his or her business than a Facebook Page. This post is for you.

You’re only hurting yourself and your business. There’s an extended list of reasons why a Facebook Page is best for you than a private profile. If, after reading this, you still don’t get it… well… Maybe getting deleted isn’t such a bad thing.

Here is just a sampling of the many benefits associated with a Facebook business Page over a personal profile.

=> Gather more leads

 Just having people like your page isn’t enough to provide your establishment with long-term, sustainable business. Smart businesses gather leads within the form of email addresses – in order that they will contact their community outside of Facebook. A good way to approach this is through competitions, giveaways and newsletters. Email them consistently every few weeks with great information which will lead them to your website and possibly, a conversion!

=> Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Starting your own Facebook page costs you nothing, although for a business we do recommend professionally designed profile picture and cover photo. It also helps if you have professionals running the page for you. But this still doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Facebook ads ar comparatively cheap compared to ancient print, radio or TV ads and are 1 000 times more targeted. By targeting your ads to individuals fascinated by your page’s topic, you can definitely keep costs low.

===>  Facebook Page Login 

=> Brand Awareness

Perhaps the best reason to develop your Facebook business page, is that likes and shares help get your content out to your followers, and their followers, etc., building brand awareness. A site that serves the customer rather than a sales agenda helps with recognition and associates users with your brand, making your followers effectively influencers. When customers post positive messages to your wall or their own, it is seen by an ever-growing list of potential clients.

=> Customer Communication & Support

Nurture your current customers (and convert new ones) with a personal touch. A business page opens you up to organic customer engagement and the opportunity to build a community. Talk to customers, post messages and receive feedback, provide product or service updates, and listen to customer needs, responding politely and with authenticity. Take the time to invest in a long-term customer communication and support strategy, and practice it regularly.

=> Increase Your Web Traffic

Smart Facebook business page users utilize their pages to drive traffic to their websites. If all you’re doing on Facebook is getting engagement on your posts, then you’re really just entertaining, not marketing. Start using link posts to drive traffic to your site. The great factor concerning link posts is Facebook currently generates a full-width fingernail image it your web site makes one accessible. Because they draw more attention, these images are more likely to get clicked. Posting links to your web site is a vital a part of any Facebook content strategy. Also note that newsletters drive almost as much traffic, showing why it is important to gather emails as previously mentioned! Bottom line, having a Facebook page will greatly increase your web traffic if you use the right posting strategies.

=> Referrals & Reviews

Think of Facebook as a networking mixer for some billion individuals. Integrated marketers used to look for new business and referrals from among a few dozen people in a small midtown meeting room, but with a Facebook business page, the world is your Rolodex. Users share their experiences working with your business, seek/receive advice from each other, or find product reviews and testimonials right on your page from other members.

Top 10 Benefits of a Successful Business Facebook Page

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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Best Android Apps For Your Smart Phone

Best Android Apps For Your Smart Phone


Most of us juggle an immense amount of information these days — enough tasks, to-do's, and scattered scraps of mental data to fill up a 40-gallon fish tank. (Just imagine all those tiny little thought-fishies swimming around! Glub, glub, glub.)

Best android apps for free

But guess what? Your tired ol' noggin isn't the only tool for keeping track of the important stuff in your life. That shiny block of inclose your pocket is overflowing with glorious apps which will organize much everything possible for you. And now's as good a time as any to embrace their organizational prowess and give your brain a break.

=> YouTube

Fire up the confetti cannons, boys; YouTube for Android finally got a dark theme this year, over 6 months after iOS and years after YouTube.com. This year also saw the expansion of YouTube Red to YouTube Premium in over a dozen countries, with a major overhaul of YouTube Music that puts Google's AI prowess on full display. Now, show me that Lion King trailer again

=> Viper4Android

For reasons unknown, the Google Play Store has deemed Viper4Android unfit for its hallowed halls (perhaps because it requires various deep-level permissions to function). This XDA Labs app enables you to extremely dig in and fine-tune the audio capabilities of your phone, rental you tinker around with all manner of equalizers, effects, and custom drivers that you can download.

This one’s definitely for the audio enthusiasts, and less so for those who want quick-and-easy audio boosts for their phone. From Gain Control to V4A, the functions here are for those who know what they’re doing.

=> Google Keep

Keep your Evernote and your Todoist, Google Keep is with me to the end of the line and it is 100% free. Keep is yet one more Google app to envision a visible update this year, and whereas i am still waiting on a dark theme, the dilated twelve color choices, addition of subtasks to checklists, and improved Drive integration make Keep the only task manager and inspiration board I use.

=> FireTube

One of the bugbears of YouTube for years now has been the inability to listen to music or videos with the screen switched off, which would save on both battery and mobile data.
Enter FireTube, an app that Google would probably much rather didn’t exist. FireTube is essentially a YouTube interface that lets you listen to any video you like without the actual video playing, then switch off your screen and keep listening.

=> Any.Do

There's no shortage of tools for taking lists on Android, but when it comes to serious task organization, Any.do is a cut above the rest. The app options a clean and easy-to-navigate interface with scads of helpful options for creating, organizing, and — critically — actually progressing through all types of lists.

Any.do's main screen mechanically separates your tasks into four default sections: "Today," "Tomorrow," "Upcoming," and "Someday" (though you also have the ability to create your own custom categories). You can drag and drop tasks between the lists and attach notes, files, recorded audio, and reminders to any items. You can even read and manage your device's native calendar inside the app, right alongside your tasks, if you want.

Any.do has quite a few helpful extras, including an optional "quick-add bar" that puts your current day's tasks into your notification panel, an assortment of nicely designed home screen widgets, and a clever pop-up alert system for reminding you about missed calls.

The app is free with optional $2-to-$3-a-month individual and group subscriptions for advanced features such as location-based reminders and unlimited attachments. (Hint: you will get a rather lower rate if you upgrade inside the app itself of via the Any.do website.)

=> MiXPlorer

MiXPlorer is one among the simplest humanoid file managers out there with a awfully neat computer program and many of options that ought to attractiveness to each casual and power users alike. For one, it offers tab support and a twin panel mode on massive screens that helps if you’re operating with many folders directly.

You can also access your cloud files with up to seventeen services to select from including all the popular ones such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, and Onedrive.
MiXPlorer also supports root access for advanced operations, advanced search functions and a very customisable user interface. Overall, it’s a awfully comprehensive file manager you'll be able to get at no cost that doesn’t have ads.

=> Google Assistant

From Assistant Routines in Google Clock alarms to the vast expansion of Assistant-compatible smart home devices to the overhaul of visual responses, it has been a busy year for Google Assistant. It feels like a century ago when Android Auto added Google Assistant, but that simple addition made millions of drivers safer, especially during these long, frustrating holiday drives.

=> Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is AN app that enables you to change different humanoid apps in varied ways in which. You’ll need a rooted device to harness all of this app’s great power. You can run many actions with this app like removing license verification for premium apps, modifying apk files, removing Google ads, and backing up and restoring apps. It’s higher to create a full backup of your apps and information before exploitation this app because it will probably cause loss of knowledge.

Our phones are pocket-sized supercomputers with professional-grade cameras and battery for days, but without the apps to take advantage of it, what would be the point? There are millions upon millions of Android apps that transform our phones from shiny glass slabs into productivity powerhouses, and over the last year, these are the Best Android Apps that have seized the day and made our lives easier, faster, and better. 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Men`s Ladder Match

WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Men`s Ladder Match

WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Copetiters 

On May 19, eight Superstars will compete in this year's men's WWE Money in the Bank ladder match in the hopes to climb the ladder, retrieve the briefcase and secure a title shot that all but guarantees a future world championship reign.

Just as with the women's match, the men participating this year are all very talented, but they are not equals in terms of their chances of winning.

Some have significantly better shots at becoming the next Mr. Money in the Bank, while others haven't reached noteworthy enough status for WWE to trust them with main event pushes.

As the field is set and the clock is ticking toward the pay-per-view, let's take a look at the eight Superstars involved and rank their odds of winning come WWE Money in the Bank 2019.

=> Randy Orton

#wwe Randy Orton

Randy Orton is a two-time Royal Rumble winner who has held 17 championships in WWE—13 of which were world titles.

He does not need something like the Money in the Bank briefcase to propel him to a title shot, as he's perpetually worthy of stepping into a main event feud at any given moment based on his credentials.

However, that didn't stop WWE from making him Mr. Money in the Bank in 2013, which was long after he had established himself as a future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Someone with Orton's history is often overlooked in these matches as the veteran who is there to add legitimacy to the contest. But he can never be overlooked, as WWE could go into this year's ladder match with the idea that a safer pick will yield better results than trying out someone who isn't a proven commodity.

As a heel on SmackDown Live, Orton is in a unique position wherein he could dethrone Kofi Kingston if WWE feels the need to revert to the status quo rather than taking a risk on Kingston's drawing power.

With the briefcase in hand, The Viper could strike at any moment, which may be exactly the type of tension WWE is looking to bring to the blue brand.

=> Baron Corbin

#wwe Baron corbin

When someone gets the type of response from the crowd that Baron Corbin gets on a regular basis, there is always a chance that Superstar gets a rocket strapped to their back.

Corbin fluctuates between being pushed to the moon and the midcard in search of something to do, and his momentum is  on the upswing after facing Kurt Angle at WrestleMania.

Having already won a Money in the Bank match means WWE has put stock in him before and could well do it again, particularly if a fan of his on the creative team has him in mind for who can take the belt off Rollins.

While the heat he gets makes him easily more believable as someone WWE would pick for this, what prevents him from topping the list is his track record of near misses in the biggest matches.

He is one of the few Superstars to fail following his Money in the Bank cash-in, and he's never been a world champion. Would WWE be willing to pull the trigger this time around, particular when there are still two other candidates who are more credible future world champions?

=> Andrade

#wwe Andrade

Mr. Money in the Bank is a great gimmick to give to someone who needs a little something extra to push them into the main event, which is exactly what Andrade needs.

His time as NXT champion alongside Zelina Vega was a great audition for what he would do as world champion, but the main roster is a different animal.

Had he been given the United States or Intercontinental Championship since coming up to SmackDown in 2018, he would likely be primed to challenge for the WWE Championship without feeling like he's reaching. But that is not the case.

Giving him the Money in the Bank contract may be a means to fast-track that advancement and skip over a midcard title reign.

With Andrade as Mr. Money in the Bank, fans who clamor for a new star to be made would be getting their wish. Much like Kofi Kingston's emergence from nowhere to win the WWE Championship, Andrade would allow WWE to show it isn't only the same couple of wrestlers getting shots at the top.

WWE has always wanted to appeal to Hispanic viewers too, and if Andrade were to win this match, the promotion's stock in that community would be much higher.

He also checks off the qualification of being a heel who could take advantage of a wounded babyface champion, and he even has a manager to carry the briefcase for him.

The only thing holding him back from being the top prediction is that it's hard to trust WWE to go with the most logical scenario and take a risk on someone who isn't an archetypal Superstar. Especially when there is a competitor who edges out Andrade in that regard.

=> Drew McIntyre

#wwe Drew Mcintyre 

The safe bet and the most predictable scenario for the 2019 men's Money in the Bank ladder match would be Drew McIntyre capturing the briefcase.

He is already the most capable heel on Monday Night Raw and could beat Rollins for the Universal Championship whenever WWE decides to make the switch since he's been largely protected and treated like a major threat.

McIntyre has the size and look of a champion, he's worked his way through the company and his no-nonsense character seems to be getting more mic time recently. The latter point could be a sign WWE is gearing him up to be the top dog on the red brand.

By no means does McIntyre need a cash-in to win the title, but neither did Alberto Del Rio, John Cena or plenty of other past winners. Giving it to The Scottish Psychopath would just be WWE letting everyone know that he will be a world champion in due course.

If McIntyre doesn't win this match, he will likely find a way to become champion in 2019 regardless, so WWE might just cut to the chase and give the briefcase to its poster boy future champion.

=> Finn Balor

#wwe Finn Balor

Finn Balor would be much higher up on this list if he weren't holding the Intercontinental Championship, but as he already has the responsibility of carrying that title, there isn't much need to give him the briefcase too.

In the past, having a midcard championship hasn't disqualified someone from winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, but history leans in that direction.

With that being said, he's still more of a contender than Ali or Ricochet, as he's a former universal champion who gets into main event spots several times per year.

On SmackDown, he has a much better chance of winning the WWE Championship than he ever had of reclaiming the Universal Championship on Monday Night Raw, but he can reach that goal without the Money in the Bank briefcase coming into play.

=> Braun Strowman

#wwe Braun Strowman 

Braun Strowman went through a short stint as a heel in 2018 when WWE tried to position him as someone for Roman Reigns to overcome as universal champion, and it didn't quite hit the mark.

Thankfully, WWE has since learned its lesson that Strowman is better off as a babyface, which is great for him overall but hurts his chances to win Money in the Bank for the second year in a row.

With Rollins as a babyface champion, there's less of a chance Strowman will face him for the title, and even if that did come about, it would likely be organic rather than following a cash-in.

That is, of course, unless WWE plans to make the same mistake twice by having Strowman be the one to dethrone Rollins and turn heel in the process.

Then, Strowman could become The Monster in the Bank again and find himself holding the belt later this year.

Here's hoping he manages to get his hands on that title without needing to become a villain, though, even if it means having to lose this ladder match.

=> Ricochet

#wwe Ricochet

After seeing one Ricochet match, everyone should come to the same conclusion that he's a star who could go extremely far in WWE, which puts him in a unique position for this match.

If WWE wants to take audiences by surprise, he could capture the briefcase and hold on to it for a long-enough time for a plan to formulate, even if there's no idea in mind about how or when to pull the trigger on him.

But Ricochet has only been on the main roster a short amount of time and is only just getting into his first singles feud with Robert Roode.

Very few promos, no experience with main-roster storylines to see what works and what doesn't and no title reigns to test his mettle outside of the NXT North American Championship don't scream the formula WWE typically has when giving someone the ball to run with.

Ricochet has been protected more than Ali, though, and since he has had a title reign and is the more popular of the two, he deserves to be at least one spot higher on this list. But when compared to the rest of the lineup, The One and Only doesn't seem set to get the upset.

If, by some chance, Ricochet does overcome the odds and takes the briefcase, there won't be an angry WWE Universe scoffing at the decision. But his fans should temper their expectations.

=> Mustafa Ali

#wwe Mustafa Ali

The entire purpose of an underdog is that they are viewed as not having much of a chance to win. Unfortunately for Ali, that is his role in this match.

It's not out of the realm of possibility for a shock to happen and for someone like Ali—an incredibly skilled performer—to get an out-of-this-world boost to his career like a MITB win, but it's extremely unlikely compared to the other options.

Ali has yet to hold a midcard or tag team title and was passed over for the Cruiserweight Championship, so WWE hasn't exactly shown it trusts him with the responsibilities of being a champion.

This year could be great for him, particularly as he would make a perfect intercontinental champion somewhere down the line, but even that is out of his reach at the moment.

He will put on an impressive show in this match and might even steal the spotlight, but being the sleeper pick isn't the best position to be in. 

Money In The Bank 2019 

WWE Money in the Bank 2019 pay-per-view is presented by Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live and scheduled for May 19, 2019 at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Follow on here for spoilers and knowledge on the event's card, lineup of matches and news relating to the pay-per-view.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

WWE Raw Results for December 3, 2018 Or Full Show Watch Here

WWE Raw Results for December 3, 2018 Or Full Show Watch Here

Even the angle which should've been the hottest -- the dissolution of the partnership between Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler -- played out as underwhelming. Raw isn't just the main roster "B" show at the moment, it's on the verge of becoming DVR material at best. If WWE has been consistent about anything in the second half of 2018, it's knowing when to re extend that creative carrot to keep its core from walking away for good. Here's to hoping next Monday is that week.  

Dolph Ziggler Def. Drew Mcintyre  

Mcintyre Manhandled Him for Most of the Match and Even Taunted Him During It on the Microphone. Out Came Balor to Monitor From the Outside. Just as Ziggler Began to Rally, Balor Nailed Mcintyre With a Missile Dropkick on the Floor While the Referee Was Distracted. Mcintyre Just Barely Avoided a Contour Before Walking Into a Superkick for the 1-2-3. Later on During a Backstage Interview, Mcintyre Said Ziggler Was Never His Friend -- Only an Asset -- and Called the Victory a Tainted One. He Later Gained Revenge (See Below) by Attacking Balor Backstage. 

While There Were Certainly Moments in the Ziggler-mcintyre Match to Like, the Dissolution of Their Partnership, Which Had Been Teased for Months, Felt Rushed and Almost Secondary to the Larger Mcintyre-balor Feud. The Confusing Psychology of Having Balor Help Ziggler (Before Doing the Same for Elias) Only to Then Be Helped by Apollo Crews Later on (See Below) Only Made Things Worse. Mcintyre Is Still Nothing Short of Magic on the Microphone, but Having Balor Cheat in Order to Help Ziggler Avoid Having to Job Out in a One-sided Loss Made Ziggler Appear Unnecessarily Weak. If All of This Leads to a Eight-man Tag Match Next Week on Raw Pairing Balor, Ziggler, Elias and Crews Against Mcintyre, Corbin, Lashley and Mahal, Consider Me Out for Good.

Boss 'n' Hug Connection Def. Mickie James & Alicia Fox 

 What Began as Alexa Bliss' Second Attempt at Holding an Open Forum for Fans to Get to Know Sasha Banks and Bayley Better Ended When James, Fox and Dana Brooke Ran Out to Attempt Another Attack. Bliss Surprisingly Backed Up Her Words by Reprimanding Them and Booked an Instant Tag Match. The Finish Came on a Backstabber From Banks Into a Bayley-to-belly Suplex on James for the Pin. 

Lucha House Party Def. Scott Dawson 

 Dawson's Attempt at Teaching the Luchas a Lesson in a Classic 1-on-1 Match Was Overruled by the Ring Announcer, Who Revealed Dawson Would Instead Be Involved in a 3-on-1 Match Under Lucha House Party Rules. The Lame Stipulation Continues to Make Zero Sense, Especially Considering Dash Wilder Wasn't Allowed to Join the Match. The Luchas Knocked Wilder Off the Apron Before Kalisto Hit a Springboard Flip Onto the Floor to Take Him Out. Kalisto Then Hit a Salida Del Sol on Dawson Before Gran Metalik Added a Senton Off the Top Rope for the Pin. 

Elias Gets Revenge on Bobby Lashley for Attack

Elias' in-ring Song Was Interrupted by Lashley and Lio Rush. But Once Rush Instructed His Charge to Bend Over and Show His Best Pose, Elias Ran Down to Attack. He Reversed an Early Beating by Tossing Lashley Into the Video Screen Before Chasing Him Off. But Finn Balor Randomly Appeared (for the Second Time Tonight) to Interrupt Rush's Exit Attempt and Toss Him on the Stage for Elias to Crush Him With a Guitar 

Aop & Drake Maverick Def. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

 in Handicap Match: Roode and Gable's Backstage Plea to Corbin for a Title Rematch With Aop Was Met With a Stipulation That Roode Must Defeat Maverick First (With Aop and Gable Banned From Ringside). As Soon as the Match Started, Aop Was Shown on the Big Screen Attacking Gable Backstage. If the Original Stipulation Made Little Sense, Corbin Changing It to a 3-on-2 Was Painfully Ridiculous. Aop Ran in to Prevent Roode's Pin After a Glorious Ddt. After Gable Limped Out, Aop a Super Collider on Both Before Maverick Tagged Himself in for the Pin. 
Heath Slater Def. Rhyno via Pinfall: the Tag Team Partners Were Paired Against Each Other When Corbin Said There Was Only Enough Room on Raw for One and Neither Would Willingly Quit. Rhyno Attacked Slater Off the Start of the Match to Avoid Being Fired. But Despite Dominating Its Entirety, One Reversal Into a Neckbreaker Gave Slater the Pin. Corbin Congratulated Slater Backstage and Denied Him When Asking if There Was Anything They Could Do to Help Rhyno and His Family. "You Can Do Your Job," Corbin Said Before Handing Slater a Referee Shirt and Alerting Him About His Demotion. 

Finn Balor Def. Jinder Mahal 

Balor's Early Attempt at a Coup De Grace Was Foiled by Samir Singh Throwing Him Off the Top Rope. Apollo Crews Came Out to Hep and Took Out the Singh Brothers Before Eating a Head Kick From Mahal. Balor Landed a Sweet Tope Con Hilo and Followed Up With His Coup De Grace for the Pin. During a Backstage Interview Meant to Celebrate His Big Night, Balor as Brutally Attacked From Behind by Mcintyre and Thrown Into a Pile of Empty Kegs. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

WWE RAW Full Show Results, Live Updates, Predictions, Recap

WWE RAW Full Show Results, Live Updates, Predictions, Recap

We then cut to the Titantron where Strowman speaks to us from the hospital – and he promises that he will be back to unleash vengeance on the trio that decommissioned him.Corbin mentions that his match at TLC against Strowman is still on though – and he will be confirmed as the permanent GM once Strowman is unable to compete at the event.At which point, the lights go out and Elias shows up. He disses Corbin a little and sings a song titled ‘Bobby Lashley sucks!’, before walking to the ring to kickstart his single’s match against Lashley.

Bobby Lashley defeated Elias

They exchange offense pretty evenly for a bit, till Elias hits a elbow drop from the top rope on Lashley. He covers him – but the referee is dragged out of the ring by Lashley’s hype man Lio Rush just before he’s about to count to three.

At which point, Corbin announces on the microphone that this will be a no disqualification match. And all hell breaks lose. Elias tries to even the odds using his guitar, but eats a stiff chair shot to the back from Corbin.The trio then proceed do dismantle Elias outside the ring ala Strowman last week, and Lashley hits a running spear on him.
Dean Ambrose got a couple of shots 
Dean Ambrose comes to us from his physician’s clinic – receiving a number of vaccine injections to keep him safe from whatever diseases that the ‘vermin’ that is the WWE Universe is carrying.He proceeds to warn Rollins that he will have hell to pay at TLC when they square off for the IC Title even as he’s bending over to get an injection on his bottom.
Nia Jax said Ronda Rousey
Nia Jax makes her way out with Tamina by her side and does the whole ‘Facebreaker’ shtick – and needles Ronda Rousey on the microphone.
They play back clips of Rousey taking a beating from Charlotte as Nia continues on with her promo.And Ronda comes out to address Nia – telling her that her luck will run out at TLC – but challenges her to a match right then.Nia says she’s not ready to fight just then, but meanwhile Tamina flanks her. Just then, Natalya runs out to help Ronda, but is blindsided by the Riott Squad who appear out of thin air, really.
Rousey goes out of the ring to help Natalya and drives back the Riott Squad – but is left picking her friend up even as Nia Jax and Tamina look on from the ring
The match goes on in pretty much standard fashion – with the babyfaces starting strong, but the heels take over soon enough.But Gable hits a DDT on Rezar to create separation after taking a fair amount of punishment and manages to make the hot tag to Bobby Roode.But as Roode comes in to pick up the pace, Drake Maverick appears on the Titantron wearing his ‘Glorious’ Robe and is in the restroom. Maverick then proceeds to urinate on the robe, and the AOP take advantage as a shocked Roode watches on to nail their finisher and pick up the three count, retaining their RAW Tag Titles.

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler

Dolph and Rollins have some of the best chemistry in the WWE and they don’t disappoint this time either, constructing a hell of a back and forth match together even as the audience comes to life for the first time on the night with ‘This is awesome!’ chants.After two near falls where Dolph almost put Rollins away with a Fame-asser and then a Zig Zag – Rollins capitalizes on Dolph’s momentary lapse of concentration and hits the Superplex off the top rope into the Falcon Arrow and covers him for the three count.

Alexa Bliss opens the floor to questions from the WWE Universe to Sasha and Bayley. One (handpicked) fan asks what they’ll like to change on RAW – for which both of them say that they’d like it if Alexa wasn’t on the brand.
That prompts a sneak attack from Mickie James, Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke on the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection – but after initially being taken by surprise, Sasha and Bayley regroup and stand tall to close out the segment.
Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre defeated Finn Bálor
Baron Corbin tries to assert himself but Balor’s athleticism comes to the fore as he starts setting a pace that the interim RAW GM can’t possibly keep up with.
However, Corbin eventually gains a measure of control and starts dishing out methodical punishment to Balor outside the ring – slamming against the ring apron, tables, barricade…anything he can get his hands on.

But despite Corbin’s best efforts, Finn Balor still fights back and hits the double stomp from the turnbuckle to set up the Coup De Grace. However, even as Finn flies, Baron Corbin rolls out of the ring and announces that this match will now be a 2 on 1 handicap match.It will be Drew McIntyre and Corbin against Balor.Balor tries to fight both of them off but eats a Claymore kick and gets pinned for the three count by McIntyre.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

2018 WWE Survivor Series Watch Full Show Results: Live updates, recap

2018 WWE Survivor Series Watch Full Show Results: Live updates, recap

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Survivor Series 2018 results. The show was headlined by a series of Raw vs. Smackdown matches, including WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair, and more. Make sure you’re here tomorrow for the complete Best and Worst of Survivor Series 2018 column.

Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match (Kickoff Show) -- The Usos, New Day, SAnity, The Good Brothers & The Colons (SmackDown) def. The Revival, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, Lucha House Party, The Ascension & The B-Team (Raw): 

What started as a bit of a crowded mess turned into wild fun once the match was whittled down to four members on each side. The Revival joined Roode and Gable for Raw against the combination of New Day and The Usos for a chaotic sequence of high spots. Big E splashed Wilder through the ropes as the action spilled out onto the floor. Roode then backdropped his teammate Gable out of the ring onto the crowd below. Gable then landed the spot of the match with an absurd German suplex on Jey Uso off the top rope and onto a pile of bodies outside. After Big E eliminated Gable and Roode, Revival pulled even for Raw with a Shatter Machine on Xavier Woods. The electricity continued as Revival could only get a two count despite Dawson hitting a superplex on Uso and Wilder following with a splash off the top rope. The finish came when Jimmy Uso honored Roman Reigns during his cousin's battle with leukemia by cocking his fists in mid-air en route to a splash on Dawson for the pin

Watch Full Show Here

Women's Elimination Match -- Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, & Tamina Snuka (Raw) def. Asuka, Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville & TBD (SmackDown): 
In what was a fairly brilliant piece of booking, WWE chose to capitalize on the natural heat Jax received from the crowd by turning her into a super heel. Jax was booed lustily each time she entered the ring in retaliation for her accidentally breaking Becky Lynch's face on Raw and making her medically ineligible to face Ronda Rousey on Sunday. The crowd also cheered each time she was hit by an opponent, which made her strong victory such a bitter pill for the Los Angeles faithful to swallow.
Before the match started, Banks and Bayley were named late replacements by Alexa Bliss after the Raw captain pulled Natalya and Ruby Riott off the team for brawling in the locker room. Late in the match, Deville absorbed a Bayley-to-Belly suplex on the floor before both she and Bayley were counted out; Raw held a 2-to-1 advantage. But Jax was willing to forfeit that edge when she turned on Banks by throwing her off the top rope, allowing Asuka to force the tap out with a choke. Jax then took advantage with a trio of leg drops and a Samoan drop to finish Asuka. 
Watch Full Show Here

Mid-card Champions -- Seth Rollins (Raw, intercontinental) def. Shinsuke Nakamura (SD, United States) via pinfall:
 It took a bit of patience for the first of Sunday's "dream matches" to reach its potential, but the wait was ultimately worth it. The chemistry between the two performers turned out to be strong thanks to a series of big moves and false finishes. Rollins hit a trio of suicide dives in succession and later packaged a superplex into a Falcon Arrow but could only get two. Nakamura turned in his own dramatic near fall late after Rollins missed a frog splash when Nakamura hit a stiff Kinsasha to the back of the head. The finish came after both missed their finisher attempts and Rollins came right back with The Stomp for the 1-2-3. The only thing to complain about in the end was the gaudy attire of both as Rollins wore his own T-shirt sewn together with a Raw one and Nakamura was dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a SmackDown T-shirt over the top

Tag Team Champions -- AOP (Raw) def. The Bar (SmackDown) via pinfall:
 The bizarre antics surrounding this match (both random and planned) did enough to completely overshadow the action happening inside the ring. First, former WWE superstar Enzo Amore, who was fired in January amid rape allegations of which he was eventually cleared, attempted to steal the spotlight by emerging from a hoodie in the second row to gain the crowd's attention. Amore, dressed in a version of his old WWE "How ya doin'?' T-shirt, did his signature shuffle down the aisle before being forcibly removed by security early in the match.
The second black eye of the short match was regretfully on purpose after AOP manager Drake Maverick kept his team alive by placing Rezar's leg on the bottom rope to avoid a pin attempt from Sheamus. After Cesaro gave chase outside the ring, Maverick ran into the outstretched elbow of the Big Show. When Big Show picked Maverick up by the neck to choke him on the apron, Maverick wet his pants. Needless to say, the attempt at cheap comedy fell flat. AOP used the distraction outside of the ring to hit a tandem power bomb finisher on Sheamus for the pin in a rather forgettable match

Cruiserweight Championship -- Buddy Murphy (c) def. Mustafa Ali via pinfall to retain the title:
 In nothing short of a tour de force of high spots and impact moves, Murphy and Ali took advantage of every minute given them. This was the match that hardcore fans felt had the potential to steal the show, and midway through the card, it succeeded. The only thing stopping this from being an instant classic was that it wasn't longer. Ali jumpstarted the excitement with a front flip off the top rope onto the floor. Murphy countered with a textbook Tope Con Hilo to the floor. Stiff strikes and near falls followed as the insane chemistry and athleticism from both was on full display. Ali hit a Spanish Fly off the announce table onto the floor before Murphy nearly won the match by combining a superkick and a powerbomb into a sit-out powerbomb that popped the crowd. The finish came when Murphy caught a leaping Ali off the top rope with a knee to the face. He followed with Murphy's Law to end a brilliant match.
Watch Full Show Here

Men's Elimination Match -- Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor & Bobby Lashley (Raw) def. The Miz, Shane McMahon, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & Samoa Joe (SmackDown):
 Disharmony among members and constant bickering didn't stop Raw from ending the match with a three-man advantage following four straight eliminations by Strowman. But after an attack from behind by Corbin, Team Raw left its "Monster Among Men" in the ring as fellow survivors Lashley and McIntyre walked off alongside the acting Raw general manager.
The match paled in comparison to previous years (including an epic 2016 main event) yet still provided plenty of entertainment thanks to an expected mix of big spots and creative booking. McMahon was his typical daredevil self with an elbow off the top rope through the announce table on Strowman and a coast-to-coast on Ziggler while The Miz held him down. A final coast-to-coast attempt from a weary McMahon was intercepted by Strowman, however, with a stiff clothesline. Strowman went on powerslam and pin Hardy, catch a 619 attempt by Mysterio for a powerslam and pin, then finish off The Miz and McMahon all on his own. Strowman, who argued with teammates in the locker room beforehand, nearly came to blows with McIntyre during the match. Balor also turned on his teammate McIntyre before being pinned by Mysterio.

Ronda Rousey (Raw women's champion) def. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown) via disqualification: 
This "dream match" was on the fast track to becoming one of the best in WWE women's history until an abrupt DQ finish. But the violence which followed after Flair's heel turn escalated this feud to absurd levels of heat, possibly even to the main event of WrestleMania. Exactly where does SmackDown champion Becky Lynch, whose facial injuries pulled her from the match, fit into all of this? It's difficult to say at the moment and certainly there's a fear now for Lynch fans that she'll be the odd woman out come April. Yet that's almost a secondary storyline at the moment because of how vicious and jarring Flair's attack on Rousey truly was after the match.
After a kendo stick and steel chair attack which featured strikes that were anything but fake, Rousey refused treatment or help from road agents as she limped her way back up the ramp. With a top covered in blood and gruesome bruises across her arms and legs, Rousey paused to confront an insulting fan with, "You're not a man," while looking despondent. Not only did Rousey sell the attack and commit to withstanding pain at a level that belies her experience, Flair was simply brilliant in ending the match with a kendo stick to the stomach and then later trapping Rousey's head in a chair before stomping on it. Lost of late in her role as a white meat babyface, Flair showed a return to the heel swagger that made main roster fans fall in love with her. She was unapologetic and borderline sociopath in her demeanor. It was beautiful, with the crowd providing a soundtrack of "Thank you Charlotte!"
Watch Full Show Here

Heavyweight Champions -- Brock Lesnar (Raw, universal) def. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown, WWE) via pinfall: 
What a damn match! Even in 2018, there's nothing quite like an inspired and interested Lesnar who is willing to sell for his opponent. We saw it during his 2017 feud with Goldberg and we saw it during his one-off against AJ Styles at last year's Survivor Series. Bryan replaced Styles after his upset win (and heel turn) to capture the WWE championship on Tuesday and this "dream match" proved to be everything it could have been from the standpoint of violence, work rate and storytelling. A lot of that, of course, was Lesnar, but Bryan did his own reminding of just how great he can be in a big match with this performance that, from a character perspective, seemed to straddle heel and babyface.
After a prolonged beatdown Bryan absorbed to open the match that was seemingly even worse (considered how often he was dropped on his head) than John Cena's squash loss to Lesnar at the 2014 SummerSlam in the same building, heel Bryan used a kick to the crotch while the referee was down to work his way back in the match. That's when things became electric. Bryan, who absorbed countless suplexes and an F5, rallied with stiff running knees and sneaky offense outside the ring. At some points he played the role of the deviant weasel perfectly while other times he morphed into a scrappy underdog overcoming the odds (and, more importantly, did so without ruining the integrity of the match).
Lesnar's knee gave out on an F5 attempt late in the match and Bryan nearly had the match won with the Yes Lock (selling the fact that he thought about a tap) before powering out. Soon after, Lesnar hit a final F5 to finish Bryan off and continued to sell his leg in a manner that completely put Bryan over in defeat. For a one-off, this was great theater and managed to elevate the statuses of both performers heading into WrestleMania season.
Watch Full Show Here

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WWE RAW 11/12/18 Results And Reviews Watch Full Show

WWE RAW 11/12/18 Results And Reviews Watch Full Show

The Show Opened With a Tag Team Battle Royal, Which Was Quickly Ruined by Braun Strowman. Strowman Was Interrupted by Stephanie Mcmahon, and the Two Made a Deal: Braun Will Get Another Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar and a Match Against Baron Corbin Where He’ll Get to Choose the Stipulations, as Long as He Plays Ball at Survivor Series and Doesn’t Touch Corbin Until After the Event.

Watch Full Show Here 
 Tamina Defeated Ember Moon. Nia Jax Caused a Distraction, Allowing Tamina to Gain the Advantage and Win the Match With a Splash.

 Dean Ambrose Burned His Shield Vest, Telling Seth Rollins That the Shield Made Him Weak.

 Finn Bálor Defeated Dolph Ziggler. Drew Mcintyre Cut a Promo Insulting Kurt Angle, Which Caused Finn to Interrupt and Challenge Him to a Match. Mcintyre Said Finn Could Have a Match, but Against Ziggler. Bálor Reversed a Roll-up Into a Roll-up of His Own to Win the Match.

Backstage, Stephanie Mcmahon Added Bálor to the Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team and Ordered Him, Mcintyre, and Ziggler to All Get Along.

Ronda Rousey Cut a Promo on Becky Lynch, Calling Her a Millennial for Some Reason. Tamina and Nia Jax Showed Up and Tried to Intimidate Her.

 Ruby Riott Pretended to Apologize for Breaking Jim Neidhart’s Glasses, Then Said She Loved Doing It. Natalya Jumped Her, but the Riott Squad Beat Her Up and Hit Her With a Hart Attack.

Watch Full Show Here 

 Chad Gable and Bobby Roode Won a Battle Royal to Be the Team Captains of the Raw Tag Team Survivor Series Team. Other Teams in the Match Included the Ascension, the Revival, Lucha House Party, the B-team, and Heath Slater and Rhyno. Roode and Gable Won, Last Eliminating the Ascension.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Made an Appearance. Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers Interrupted, Paul Heyman Got a Little Racist About It, and Lesnar Destroyed Them With German Suplexes and an F-5 to the Floor for Mahal.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Elias. This Was for the Final Spot on the Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team. Lashley Won by Count-out When Lio Rush Grabbed Elias’ Leg, Preventing Him From Getting Back Into the Ring.

Alexa Bliss Announced Her Survivor Series Team as Tamina, Nia Jax, Mickie James, Natalya, and the Winner of the Following Match:

Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley Ended With No Contest When They Were Attacked by the Heels. Alexa Bliss Announced Ruby Riott as the Actual Fifth Member of the Team.

Becky Lynch Attacked Ronda Rousey Backstage, Putting Her in the Disarmer. Smackdown’s Women’s Division Then Attacked the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team. Rousey Tried to Make the Save, So Lynch Beat Her Down With a Chair.
Watch Full Show Here 

Wwe Smackdown Live Results , Reviews And Final Build to Survivor Series

Wwe Smackdown Live Results , Reviews And Final Build to Survivor Series

Tonight's Smackdown Takes Place From St. Louis and Is the Go-home Show for Survivor Series.

Last Night on Raw, Smackdown Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch Led the Smackdown Women's Division in Attacking Raw's Division. Lynch Targeted Ronda Rousey in the Invasion, but Lynch Was Injured and Has Been Pulled From Their Match at Sunday's Pay-per-view.  We'll See How Wwe Addresses the Situation Tonight.

Watch Full Show Here 

Last Week Paige Introduced the Women’s Survivor Series Smackdown Team. Charlotte Flair Was Named for It but Didn’t Show Up. She Was Part of the Invasion Last Night but Hasn’t Officially Accepted the Team Captain Position.

The Men’s Smackdown and Raw Teams Are Finalized. However, There’s Been a Storyline of Dissension Among the Smackdown Team. Last Week, Co-captains Daniel Bryan and Miz Were Fighting When Shane Mcmahon Tried to Calm the Situation. Bryan Was Unaware It Was Mcmahon and Threw Him to the Ground. The Team Will Try to Get on the Same Page Before Survivor Series.

Our Live Coverage Begins at 8 P.m. Eastern Time.

Smackdown Started With a Recap of the Smackdown Invasion Angle From Raw Last Night. The Crowd Broke Into a Loud “becky” Chant. Tom Philips Announced Becky Lynch Is Off Survivor Series. He Said That She Has a Broken Face and Severe Concussion. They Showed Footage of How the Injury Occurred When Nia Jax Hit Lynch in the Face. Lynch Is in the Building and Will Appear Later.

Wwe Champion Aj Styles Came Down to the Ring. He Talked About Being the Workhorse of the Wwe. He’s Been There Day and Night. He’s Defeated Every Challenger He Faced Except for Brock Lesnar. He Promised to Beat Lesnar When Paul Heyman Showed Up.

Heyman Called Raw the Premiere Show and the Fans Booed. Heyman Noted There’s Nobody Lesnar Wants to Face More Than Styles. Heyman Listed the Greatest Performers in Wwe History Including Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Aj Styles. He Said Styles Is Close to Being Number 1 but That’s Daniel Bryan. He Said They’d Never See Lesnar Vs. Bryan but Styles Isn’t a Consolation. He Said He’s Excited to See Lesnar Face the Second Greatest Performer in Wwe History, Aj Styles.

Styles Knew Exactly What Heyman Was Trying to Do. He Said He Has Respect for Bryan but Reminded Heyman He Made Bryan Tap. Last Year Styles Lost but Walked Out With His Head Up. Lesnar Limped Out. He’s Either Going to Pin Lesnar or Make Him Tap. Sunday’s Isn’t About Bryan or Lesnar It’s About Styles.

Daniel Bryan Made His Way Down to the Ring. Bryan Wasn’t Sure Why They Were Even Talking About Him. He Admitted to Tapping Out in His Match With Styles. Before the Match Bryan Said He Respects Styles but He Also Said He’d Punch Him in the Face. Bryan Noted if Styles Mentions His Name Again Then Bryan’s Going to Punch Him in the Face. Styles Said Bryan’s Name and They Started Brawling. Shane Mcmahon and Referees Ran Out to Break Them Up.

In Paige’s Office, Shane Mcmahon and Daniel Bryan Had a Heated Argument. Styles Ran in and They Had Another Confrontation. Mcmahon Announced That Wwe Champion Aj Styles Defends Against Daniel Bryan Later Tonight.

Jeff Hardy Defeated Andrade “cien” Almas (W/zelina Vega)

Almas Had the Early Advantage but Hardy Fought Back. Almas and Vega Did the Tranquillo Pose So Hardy Kicked Almas. After the Commercial Break, Hardy Was Firmly in Control. Hardy Went Up for the Whisper in the Wind but Almas Trapped Him in the Tree of Woe. Almas Hit a Double Foot Stomp for a Close Near Fall. He Followed Up With the Double Knees in the Corner.

Hardy Went for the Twist of Fate but Almas Countered With a Back Elbow. Almas Attempted the Hammer Lock Ddt but Hardy Reversed Into the Twist of Fate. Hardy Hit the Swanton Bomb for the Win.

Backstage, the Miz and Paige Watched the End of the Previous Match. Daniel Bryan Is Officially Off of the Survivor Series Team. Miz Is Now the Solo Captain of the Team. Paige Told Him to Find a Replacement and He Picked Jeff Hardy. Miz Then Decided Rey Mysterio’s Off the Team Too. Paige Said the Only Way He Can Take Him Off the Team Is if He Beats Him. Paige Made Miz Vs. Rey Mysterio Official and It’s Next.

Watch Full Show Here

In the Back, United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura Discussed His Upcoming Bout With Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. He’s Heartbroken That Rollins Isn’t Thinking About Him. He’s Been Thinking of Rollins and Promised to Break His Face on Sunday.

Rey Mysterio Defeated the Miz to Remain on the Smackdown Survivor Series Team

Mysterio Was in Control Early Until Miz Hit a Clothesline. Miz Slowed the Pace Down but Mysterio Fought Back. He Sent Miz to the Floor With a Tilt-a-whirl Head Scissors. He Followed Up With a Sliding Dive Under the Bottom Rope Into a Splash but Miz Got His Knees Up.

Mysterio Hit a Seated Senton and Followed Up With a Kick to the Head for a Near Fall. He Missed a Cross Body and Miz Hit a Ddt for a Two Count. Miz Attempted the Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio Reversed Into the 619. He Went for the Splash but Miz Got His Knees Up and Rolled Him Up for a Near Fall. Miz Was Shocked He Didn't Win, Which Gave Mysterio the Chance to Roll Him Up for the Win.

After the Match, Randy Orton Tried to Jump Mysterio but He Avoided Him. Orton Ended Up Giving Miz the Rko.

In the Back, Extra Security Prepared for a Possible Raw Retaliation.

Paige Invited the Entire Smackdown Women's Roster to the Ring. She Gave Each One an Introduction. She Noted That Lynch Was Injured Last Night and Can’t Compete Sunday. She Announced That Lynch Will Hand Pick Her Replacement to Face Ronda Rousey at the Survivor Series.

Paige Introduced the Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to a Huge Reaction. The Fans Broke Into Another Loud “becky” Chant. Lynch’s Face Is All Messed Up and Bruised. She’s Angry Because the Medical Team Won’t Clear Her to Fight. She Noted She Beat Half the Raw Locker Room and the Fans Cheered. She Said With a Broken Face and Concussion She Can Still Beat Rousey. She’s Sorry Because She Can’t Finish What She Started…yet.

Lynch Then Had to Decide Who Should Be Her Replacment and Face Rousey. She Walked Up to Each Woman on the Roster. Charlotte Flair Got a Decent Reaction but the Crowd Erupted for Asuka. The Fans Clearly Wanted Asuka. Lynch Picked Flair and Asked Her to Make Rousey Tap. Lynch Hugged Flair and Left the Ring. All the Babyface Women Hugged Flair as Well.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair Noted She Spent Half Her Career Fighting Becky. Last Night She Fought Along Side Becky and Sunday Will Fight for Becky. She Promised to Defeated Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions the Bar & the Big Show Defeated the New Day

The New Day Was Firmly in Control Early. Xavier Woods and Big E Hit a Leg Drop/splash Combo for a Near Fall. The Heels Took Over and Isolated Woods in Their Corner. Kofi Kingston Got the Hot Tag and Ran Wild.

Sheamus Gave Big E the Brogue Kick on the Apron. Kingston Hit the Sos on Cesaro for a Near Fall. Kingston Attempted a Cross Body but Show Nailed Him With the Knockout Punch for the Win.

Backstage, the Usos Met With the Colons, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and Sanity. They Offered Them All Spots on Their Survivor Series Team. They Gave Each Team Member a Smackdown T-shirt.

Daniel Bryan Defeated Aj Styles to Win the Wwe Championship

The Commentators Reiterated That Paul Heyman Caused the Tension Between Styles and Bryan. Styles Backed Bryan in the Corner but Bryan Fired Back. Bryan Charged at Styles but Got Back Dropped to the Floor. Styles Followed Up With a Plancha. After the Commercial Break, Bryan Rocked Styles With Kicks in the Corner. Styles Regained Control by Attacking Bryan’s Knee. Bryan Fought Back and Worked Over Styles Arm.

They Traded Shots in the Middle of the Ring. Bryan Ran Up the Corner and Landed on His Injured Knee. Styles and Bryan Collided in the Middle of the Ring. Bryan Hit the Running Drop Kick in the Corner. He Followed Up With a Hurricanrana From the Top Turnbuckle for a Near Fall. Bryan Went Up Top but Styles Cut Him Off With a Pelé Kick. Bryan Slipped Out and Caught Styles in the Tree of Woe. He Nailed Styles With Kicks.

Bryan Gave Styles a Huge Back Suplex Off the Top for a Close Near Fall. Bryan Hit the Yes Kicks but Styles Ducked and Attempted the Styles Clash. Bryan Fought Out of the Move. Styles Fought Back and Went for the Springboard 450. Bryan Got His Knees Up and Applied the Yes Lock. Styles Made the Ropes to Break the Hold.

Watch Full Show Here 

Bryan Went for the Running Knee but Styles Hit a Drop Kick. Styles Locked on the Calf Crusher but Bryan Countered Into the Arm Bar. Bryan Applied the Yes Lock Again but Styles Broke Free. Styles Went From the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan Moved and Styles Collided With the Referee.

Bryan Then Gave Styles a Low Blow With the Referee Down. Bryan Had a Crazed Look on His Face. He Hit the Running Knee on Styles to Win the Wwe Championship. After the Match, Bryan Snapped and Continued to Attack Styles. He Gave Him a Vicious Beating. Bryan Held the Championship in His Hands and Stared at the It.

 Best Of Luck For Next Show WWE.

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