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Monday, 13 August 2018

5 Things Which Convert Your Pinterest Profile Into Getting Huge Traffic Source

5 Things Which Convert Your Pinterest Profile Into Getting Huge Traffic Source

If You Have a Pinterest Account This Is Very Good . Because Pinterest Is a World Top Social Network. A Large Number Of People`s Are Always Active On Pinterest. Use Of Pinterest Is Very Simple.
On Pinterest You Can Just Create Your Board And Save Your Pins To Your Board.  You Can Not Only Save Or Upload Only Your Own Pins But Also You Can Save Others Pins To Your Board. You Follow The Others And Others Follow


Pinterest User Interact With Each Other By Liking , Saving Or Commenting On Each Others Posts. This Way Make Pinterest World Best Social Network...such.

5 Tips To Drive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Website

If You Are Using Pinterest , You Must Know That Pinterest Can Deliver Huge Amount Of Real Traffic To Your Website. You Can Make Pinterest Your Real Traffic Source.

1 ==> Size Of Pic / Photo

When You Ready To Share Your Photo OR Website Link Photo , Must Remember Your Size Of Pic Must Large Because On Pinterest You When You Pin Or Create Your Post , You Show Others What About Your Post So Your Photo Which You Share On Pinterest Show Every Thing , About Your Website Link Or Any Other Info Which You Want To Tell The Others.

For Creating Beautiful And Interactive Pinterest Image You Can Use Free    Canva.com 

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2 ==> Description Of Post

On Pinterest When You Post Any Thing Related To Marketing , Seo Or Blogging You Must Write Some Lines About Your Post. This Is Very Important Part Of Good Post On Pinterest. When Any One Click On Your Post Image Pinterest Show Your Post Description. This Thing Make Your Post Healthy On Pinterest. This Way Help You To Increase Your Site Visitors.

 3 Powerful Benefits Of Using Pinterest For Business

3 ==> #Tage`s 

You Know #TAG Is Very Important In SEO. So When You Make Post On Pinterest Remember #TAG Always. Where You Can Add #TAG In Pinterest Post...... When You Write Your Post Description. You Can Add #TAG In Your Post Description.
For Example =>  If You Want To Write " What Is Pinterest And How To Use It  " In Your Post Description , You Can Add #TAG Like " What Is #pinterest And How To Use It." Likewise You Can Also To This Work On Others Your Post like #marketing #seo  #makemoneyonline etc
So This Thing Help You To Increase Your Website Traffic Well as You Want.

How To Use Pinterest For Business Beginners Guide

4 ==> Join Others Top Board 

If You Want Your Post Get Huge Views On Pinterest , So You Must Follow Others Top Board.  Join Top Group Of Board Related To Your Website , Make Your Pints In This Board Group. This Way Make Your Relations With Others And Increase Your Pinterest Profile Famous And Valuable. What You Do With Others Post , Others Also Do Same With Your Post.
So If You Want More Views Ans Engagements On Pinterest , You Must Save Others Pin or Make Comments On Others Post. You Also Follow Others People`s On Pinterest , So When You Follow Other On Pinterest Others Also Follow You On Pinterest.  When You Have More Followers On Pinterest You Gain More Value From Pinterest.

5 ==> Regular Posting / Pinning 

Regularity Make You Perfect on Every Path Of Life Or Successful In Every Business. So If You Posting Regular On Pinterest Your Post Get More Views And Also Increase Your Followers On Pinterest. All Above Things Are Best If You Do This Thing.
Common Word , If You Posting Regularly On Others Social Networks Like Facebook page , Twitter , Google+ etc You Must Get More Views And Followers. Your Followers Make Your Post Valuable.

You Must Add 3 OR 4 Posts On Pinterest Regularly Every Day. This Work Give You Result As You Want. 

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Saturday, 28 July 2018

How To Add Tumblr Follow Button To Your Website Or Blog

How To Add Tumblr Follow Button To Your Website Or Blog

                        You Have a Tumblr Profile And Your Are Using It And Now
                   You Want To Add Tumblr Follow Button To Your Website Or Bog

I Tell You Every Thing Step By Step With Pics But BeforE We Going To Our Point I Want To Tell You Some Thing About Tumblr.
You Know Tumblr Is Microblogging Social Network. On Tumblr You Can Not Only Share Your Pics With Others But Also You Can Share Video , Website or Blog Links , Audio File And Also Text. Means Tumblr Is a Very Famous Social Network Now In The World. So Millions Of Active People`s Are Using Tumblr Every Day.

By Wikipedia

   Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users' blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. For bloggers many of the website's features are accessed from a "dashboard" interface.

Top 10 Benefits Of Using Tumblr For Business 

Tumblr Is Also Best Place For Business Promotion. Tumblr Have Great Features Which Make Your Business Success. On Tumblr You Can Post But Only Limited.  But Tumblr Have Very Strong Link With Search Engines  , This Is Very Famous And Index Blog or Social Network So When You Use It For Your Business So Tumblr Provide You Lot Of Traffic to Your Business Or Website.

          The Beginners Guide To Tumblr 

Come To The Point

How To Add Tumblr Follow Button To YOur Website Or Blog

If You Don`t Know About How You Can Add Follow Button Of Tumblr To Your Website Or Blog , So Only Follow My Steps Which I am Going To Share With You.....

1 ==>  Open Your Browser And Login To Your Tumblr Account. Then Click On  "  APP "
                                                           Or Go To

2 ==>  Then Simply Click On Developer Option In End Of The Page

                                  Or Go To          https://www.tumblr.com/developers

3 ==> Then Simply Click On   "  Share Buttons "

4 ==> Here You Can See Three Type Of Button So Chose Your Follow Button , You Can See Your Tumblr Blog Name In One Option So Select It.

5 ==>  Finally You Copy The Code

6 ==>  Go Back To Your Blog Or Website.  Click Your Site  " Layout  "

7 ==> Click On   " Add a Gadget "  Then Click On    HTML / JAVA SCRIPT

8 ==> Paste Your Copy Code Here . Click On Save Refresh The Page And See  Right.

Like Other Social Network Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest Or Google+ , Tumblr Is Also A Best Social Network. So On This Network You Can Make Your Blog Because Tumblr Is Also Know As Microblog Platform.   Come And Join Tumblr Here

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How To Get More Social Share`s And Visitor`s To Your Website or Blog

How To Get More Social Share`s And Visitor`s To Your Website or Blog

                        Do You Want To Know How To Get More Share`s
              More Engagement And More Traffic To Your   Website Or Blog

Here In This Post I Tell You About a Website Where You Can Get All Above Things. On This Website You Can Read And Share Others Post And Others Do Same Work For Your Post.  On This Website You Can Find Your Interested Topics , Also You Can Get More Information  or Knowledge.
          Name Of This Website Is  Triberr 

What Is Triberr

Triberr Is a Place or Website Where You Can Build Relations With Other People`s. Here You Can Share Your Website Post And Can Get More Share`s  on ( Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Google+ ) , More Engagement And More Website Visitors. You Can Do This Work Very Easily & Simply. This Site Have A Some Pricing Plans Include Free Plan. In Free Plan You Can Get All Things Which You Want or Which Is Helpful For You. But If You Join Paid Plan You Get Some More Features.

In Short Words
   This Is a Place Where Your Post Get More Share`s , Engagements And Traffic For Free. Many People`s Are Already Using This.  

            13 Tips To Using Triberr For Getting More Traffic

Why People`s Join it

If You Have a Website Or Blog So You Must Facing Some Problems Related To Your Work. Likewise Everyone Also Facing These Problems , So Here In This Community People`s Are Solving  Each Other Problems , Mean`s If You Have Any Problem In Your Site SEO So Here You Can Find Post Related To SEO And Can Get Help For Free. After Reading You Share Others Post And Others Share Your Post.

People`s Join Triberr For Solving Each Other Problems And Also Get Some New Ideas And Info. For Example , If You Select The Topic Like Marketing or SEO , So Here Priberr Give You More Tribe Like as Your Interest. You You Will Find More Ideas And Knowledge For Your Business or Website

How Triberr Are Work`s 

Use Of Triberr Are Very Simple. You Can Work On Triberr Perfectly. Simply Create Your Account On Triberr. Add Your Website Or Blog RSS Feed To Triberr , Triberr Automatically Get Your All Post`s Which You Have Share In Previous Two Weeks. In Future When You Update Your Website Or Blog Triberr Also Automatically Update Your Post`s Here.

                        Next Your Work Is

Only You Follow Others Ans Read Others Post And After Reading Share These Post On Other Social Networks. Likewise Other People`s Also Do This Work For You.

Only You Add Your RSS Feed To Your Triberr Profile And Next Triberr Automatically Updates Your Post`s Here. You Not Share Your Every New Post Here , Triberr Share It Automatically. So This Is Very Simple To Use. 
   How To Use Triberr To Get Your Blog Content Shared 

Watch This Video For More

Main Benefits Of Using Triberr

There Are Many Benefits Which Your Website Are Getting From Triberr. Only I Share Some Here.

1 ==> You Make Some Best Relation With Others Experts

2 ==> Your Website Getting More Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest Or Google+ Share`s.

3 ==> ThisWay Increase Your Website Unique Visitors.

4 ==> Simple And Easy For Use

5 ==> You Can Join And Work On This Network For Free.

Maybe When You Use It First Time You Feel Some Difficulty. But After First Time You Can Use It Well Or Perfectly. Try it.  

Thursday, 12 July 2018

How To Add Pinterest Follow Button To Your Blog Or Website Step By Step

How To Add Pinterest Follow Button To Your Blog Or Website Step By Step

... ...

Do You Want To Know How You Can Add Pinterest Follow Button To Your Website. This Is Your Best Choice To Add It On Your Website.
Pinterest Is a World Top Social Network. On Pinterest You Can Share Your Things Like Photos , Ideas Or Your Website Links Well. Pinterest Have a Millions Of Active User From The World Every Day. You Know Pinterest Is a #1 Social Network By Womens. Mean`s Pinterest Have a Large Number Of Only Female. With The Pasess Of Time Number Of Pinterest Are Increasing Fastly.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest For Business 

Like Other Social Networks #Facebook , #Twitter or #Google+  Pinterest Is Also a Best Social Network. Everyone Can Use Pinterest Well. On Pinterest You Can Promote Your Website , Blog Or Business As You Want. You Can Create Boards Related To Your Web Or Business.

Pinterest | How To Use Pinterest 

Best Social Network For Everyone

How You Can Add Pinterest Follow Button To Your Blog or Website

I Tell You Every Thing Step By Step , You Just Follow Me As I Define

1 ==>   Open Your Browser And Go To   https://developers.pinterest.com/

2 ==>   Then hit the button of  " Tool " Option , Which You Can See On Page

3 ==>   Then Click On " Follow " Button ,

Copy Your Pinterest Profile URL

4 ==>   Paste Your Profile URL Here , Which You Can See In Below Image

5 ==>   Enter Your Name Which You Want To Show On Your Website

6 ==>  Finally You Can See Your Pinterest Follow Button Preview , If You Agree Then Copy Your HTML Code. Here You May See Two Code But You Only Copy First Code Only.

7 ==>   Go Back To Your Website Or Blog , Open Layout Of Your Website Or Blog. Select "Add a Gadget " , Then Select  " HTML / JAVA SCRIP "  And Paste Your Pinterest Code Here.

Click On Save And Refresh Your Website Or Blog  , Open Your Web You Can See I am Right I Tell You Every Thing Which Help You Perfectly.If  You Have Interest Go To pinterest login And Follow All Above Steps.

  Free Benefits For Businesses On Pinterest 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

How You Can Add Facebook Page To Your Website Or Blog

How You Can Add Facebook Page To Your Website Or Blog


If You Want To Put Your Facebook Business Page To Your Blog or Website , So This Choice Is Best For You.  You Know How ?
Facebook Is a World #1 Social Network. A Huge Number Of People`s Are Using Facebook Always. What You Can Do On Facebook. With Facebook You Can Make Relation With Your Friends & Family In Your Own Country Or Out Of Your Country.
On Facebook You Can Share Your Photos , Video`s  Or Your Website Links. You  Also Like , Commenting or Can Share Others Post. Mean`s Facebook Is Best Social Network For Everyone Who`s Want To Promote Their Blog or Small Business.

How To Add Facebook Page To Your Website or Blog

Before I Am Going To Tell You How To Add Facebook Page To Your Blog or Website. You Should Must Have a Facebook Page. If You Have Not Any Facebook Business Or Fan Page So Create One.
How To Create Facebook Business Or Website Page   

Follow These Steps For Adding Your Facebook Page To Your Website or Blog.

1 ==> Open Your Browser Then Go To Your facebook login And Then Go To   https://developers.facebook.com/docs/

2 == > Then Click On  "  TOOL " Option In Top

3 ==> Then Click On  " Group Plugin "

4 ==> Then Select  " Page Plugin " Option

5 ==> Enter Your Facebook Page URL Here , See Image Below

6 ==> Here You Can Edit Your Facebook Page Display , You Can Change Height  or Width Of Your Page. Which Changes You Like Apply It.

7 ==> Finally Click On  " Get Code "  Option And Copy Your Cod.

8 ==> Then Go To Your Blog Or Website " Layout "  , Then Click On  " Add a Gadget  " .

Then Select "  HTML / JAVA SCRIP "  And Paste Your Code Here.

Click On Save And Refresh Your Page. Then Open Your Website You Can See That Your Facebook Page Is Ready For Getting More Likes. So Go To www.facebook.com And Do All Work With These Steps.

Benefits Of Facebook Business Page

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Amazon | What Is Amazon And Why People`s Are Using It

Amazon | What Is Amazon And Why People`s Are Using It

Amazon Is a Common Name And Everyone In The World Who`s Using Internet Are Know It Well. Generally Amazon Is a World Biggest Place Of  Selling Things. Mean`s This Is a Huge Shopping Website. Here You Can Not Only Buy Books , But You Can Also Buy Music , Computer , Electronics, Clothing , Software`s , Furniture`s , Beauty Products , Foods or Many Other Things Which Are Very Important For Your Regular Life.


" Amazon Is a World Biggest Shopping Place Where You Can Find And Buy Every Thing Which Make Your Life Easy And Beautiful "

    The company was founded as a result of what Jeff Bezos called his "regret minimization framework," which described his efforts to fend off any regrets for not participating sooner in the Internet business boom during that time. In 1994, Bezos left his employment as vice-president of D. E. Shaw & Co., a Wall Street firm, and moved to Seattle, Washington. He began to work on a business plan for what would eventually become Amazon.com.

Countries Where Amazon Have Shops Or Office

  1. * ==>  United State
  2. * ==>   United Kingdom
  3. * ==>   Canada
  4. * ==>   Spain
  5. * ==>   Italy
  6. * ==>   Ireland 
  7. * ==>   France 
  8. * ==>   Germany 
  9. * ==>   Japan 
  10. * ==>   China
  11. * ==>   Australlia 
  12. * ==>   India 
Here i Mention Name Of Only Some Basic Countries But Amazon Have Shops And Offices In Other Countries. If You Want To See All These Names Of Countries Please Click On The Link.

                         Amazon Countries & Territories              Eligible To Shop For Apps    

On Amazon You Can Not Find Only Running Treng Products And Brands But Also You Amazon Show You Things Related To Your Previous Purchase. Mean`s If In Past You Have To Buy Any Thing From Amazon , So Amazon Always Remember Your Previous Purchase And Show You Things Related To This Purchase. So Amazon Always Remember Their Customers Well.

Why People`s Are Using Amazon

You Know a Large Number Of Peoples In The World Are Using Amazon For Buying Their Necessary Things Of Life. Because Amazon Have a Huge  Number Of Products.

On Amazon

*==> On Amazon You Can Create Your Account Simply And Freely.

*==> Amazon Give You Prime Membership , In This Condition You Not Paying Fee Of Shipping.

*==> Not Only You Can Buy Books On Amazon But Also You Can Buy Music , DVD , Beauty , Furniture , Software`s And Also Food.

*==> Amazon Provide You Save And Secure Way Of Payment.

*==> On Amazon You Will Get You Purchase On Time Because Amazone Have a Big System And Many Shops In Deferent Countries.

*==> On Amazon You Can Buy Things With Flexible Prices.

Benefits Of Using AWS ( Amazon Web Services )

Affiliate Program

This Is a Main Benefit Of Amazon That It Give You Affiliate Program. In Affiliate You Can Earn Many Dollars As You Can Think. Don't Worry Many Peoples Are Also Doing This Work Already.
So If You Have a Account On Amazon Then You Can Not Only Buying Things But Also You Can Earn Money From This Program.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

5 Reasons Which Show You Importance Of SEO | All SEO

5 Reasons Which Show You Importance Of SEO | All SEO

Permit’s Talk Approximately What Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Is First. Search Engine Optimization Is the Technique of Affecting the Visibility of Your Website in a Search Engine’s Unpaid Outcomes – Often Known as “herbal,” “organic,” or “earned” Outcomes. We Will Use ‘organic’ in This Newsletter While Regarding the Type of Search Engine Optimization We're Discussing.most People Don’t Recognize What Search Engine Optimization Stands for and Why Someone Desires It for Their Website, How Does It Work and What Are the Advantages of Search Engine Optimization Method. Additionally, Some of My Customers Don’t Have a Complete Know-how of What Search Engine Optimization Is and How Does It Work. This May Be a Huge Difficulty Due to the Fact in Terms of the Implementation of the Seo Method a Few Humans Grow to Be Surprised, Pissed Off or Start Panicking Because It Grew to Become Out to Be More Complex and Technical Than They Idea Initially. Furthermore, the Majority Mistake Search Engine Optimization for Spam or Hyperlink Building or Think That It Isn't Always Straightforward in Any Respect. That Is Why I Though That Some Statistics on Why You Need Search Engine Optimization and What It's Far, in Wellknown, Might Be Helpful.

More Articles By OTM

==>  How You Can Make Your Blog Profitable 

==>  Top 10 High PR Website Pinging Sites For You

==>  SEO | What Is SEO | All About SEO

==>  Backlinks | How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Website

Top 5 Benefits Of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

These 5 Reasons Show You Importance of Seo. Without Seo You Can Not Get These Things.

Seo Is a Science Which Work for You

Google and Other Engines Like Google Are Constantly Updating Their Search Algorithms, and Each Update Affects the Manner They Rank Websites. But, There Are Numerous Procedures That Could Get Your Internet Site Ranking Higher by These Serps. Your Web Site Needs to Be Up to Date and Relevant to the Related Searches. Your Site Needs to Perform Nicely, With No Technical Troubles or Sluggish Loading Speeds. And Possibly Most Importantly, You Want Proper Content Material, Consistently- as Google Uses This to Evacuate Your Website’s Credibility. Google Is a Business and Their Product Is Imparting the Nice, Maximum Relevant Websites to Their Customers. If You Could Assist Google With Their Product by Means of Offering Well Timed, Compelling and Tasty Content Then They Will Praise You With a Higher Ranking.

Why SEO Is Important For Business

Local Seo Makes More Traffic or Engements

Neighborhood Seo / Local SEO Manner Accelerated Engagement, Visitors & Conversions With the Upward Thrust and Developing Domination of Cell Visitors, Local Search Has Emerge as a Essential Part of Small- and Medium-sized Agencies’ Fulfillment.Neighborhood Seo Pursuits at Optimizing Your Digital Properties for a Specific Location, So Humans Can Locate You Quick and Effortlessly, Placing Them One Step Toward a Transaction.
Local Optimizations Awareness on Precise Towns, Towns, Areas, and Even States, to Establish a Possible Medium for a Logo’s Messaging on a Local Degree.Search Engine Optimization Execs Do That Through Optimizing the Brand’s Internet Site and Its Content Material, Along With Local Citations and Back Links, as Well as Nearby Listings Applicable to the Location and Business Area a Logo Belongs to.To Promote Engagement at the Nearby Degree, Search Engine Optimization Professionals Have to Optimize a Brand’s Information Graph Panel, Its Google My Enterprise Listing, and Its Social Media Profiles as a Begin.There Have to Additionally Be a Robust Emphasis on User Evaluations on Google, as Well as Other Evaluations Web Sites Like Yelp, Domestic Advisor, and Angie’s List (Amongst Others), Relying at the Enterprise.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

Every Business Doing Seo

We’re No Longer the Kinds to Tell Human Beings to Do Things Because Others Are. But the Truth Is Every Person Is Using Seo in Their Commercial Enterprise Web Sites Content (at the Least Every Person Who Is a Success).Your Competition Are Already Utilising Seo Strategy to Get a Spot Within the Top Rankings of Engines Like Google, and It’s Time You Bounce at the Bandwagon Too if You Don’t Want to Get Left at the Back of. You Can’t Simply Sit Again and Rely Upon Traditional Way to Run Your Enterprise While Your Competitors Are Absolutely and Smartly Using Seo Strategies for His or Her Operations.

      The Top 10 Reason`s You Need SEO

You Know It`s Practical 

The Variety of Searches That Google Has to Manner on Any Given Day Has Grown Exponentially Over Time. Presently, Google Handles 3.five Billion Web Searches a Day. This More and More Competitive on Line Market Approach That You Need to Work Harder on Your Web Page to Rank Excessive. This Makes Search Engine Optimization Now Not Handiest Critical However Additionally Exceedingly Crucial in 2018 and Beyond. In Reality, It’s the Only Way to Stay Visible in an an Increasing Number of Crowded Net.

It`s Also Increase Visibility in Search Engines   

The Most Normally Recognised Advantage to Be Visible in Search Engine Optimization Is an Obvious Elevated Visibility in Search Engines. To Be Clear, Fatrabbit Creative Holds Speedy to the Location That an Expanded Visibility in Search Engines Due to Proper Seo Is Handiest a Gain if There's a Measurable Roi in After a Given Time Period. Better Search Volume for Your Optimized Phrases Is Remarkable, and Extended Traffic Is Remarkable, However Simplest if the Human Beings Looking and the Visitors Traveling Is Converting to Income or referrals.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Google Analytics | What Is Google Analytics And Why We Use It

Google Analytics | What Is Google Analytics And Why We Use It

Lot`s Of People`s Are Now Using Google Analytics , You Know What Is Google Analytics And Why You Are Using It. Google Analytics Is a Online Website , Platform Or Service , Which You Can Use For Analysis Of Your Website Or Business. This Service Is Provided By Google.

What Is Google Analytics ?

GA Is a Online Platform Which You Can You To Analysis Their Website. GA Provide You Every Information About Your Website Performance. A Large Number Of People`s Are Using This Free Site To Analysis Their Site`s.

By Wikipedia  .

       Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Google Analytics is offered also in two additional versions: the subscription-based Google Analytics 360. previously Google Analytics Premium, targeted at enterprise users, and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android Apps.

“Google’s analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.”

Mia Vallo - Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic

What Google Analytics Show Us 

When You Are Ready To Use The Google Analytics, And You Have Created You Account On Google Analytics. But If Don`t Know How You Can Create Your Account On GA
                           Get Started With Google Analytics
Or Watch This Video

When You Have Created You Account On Google Analytics , Then You Can See All Your Website Performances Like...... 
                                     These Are Only Some Main Uses Of GA

  1. * Your Website Live Flow
  2. * Your Website Active User On Current Time , Also Previous User Report
  3. * Coutories From Visitore Come To Your Site
  4. * Source Which User Use To Come On Your Site Like...Google , Yahoo , Bing , Facebook , Twitter or Other Referring  Sources
  5. * Your Site Adwards Report
  6. * Your Site Adsense Analysis
  7. * What Website Is Sending Traffic To My Site
  8. * What My Site Is Mobile Friendly 
  9. * Much And More Information About Your Site 

“Companies spend a lot of money on marketing, it’s difficult to understand which dollars are working and which dollars aren’t. The Google Analytics 360 Suite allows you to actually understand which half is working.”
Harry Tannenbaum - Head of Marketing Analytics, Nest

Beginners Guide About Google Analytics 

Why We Are Using Google Analytics 

A Huge Amount Of People`s Are Using Only Google Analytics For Their Business Or Site , It Means All These Getting Benefits From Google Analytics And All These Also Have Satisfied With Google Analytics. Some Main Reasons For You Why Google Analytics Are Perfect For You.

1 ==> 100% Free Of Cost

Now Their Are Many Sites Are Avail Which Provide You , Your Business or Website Performance Report But These Sites Not Provide You All Features , When You Purchase Their Upgrade Package Then You Can See All Your Site Report. But Google Analytics Provide You Every Thing For Free.

2 ==>  Able To Find Your Site Tune

With This Analytic Report, You Will Have the Capacity to Fine Tune Your Website, and Do Another Copywriting on Any Page That Isn’t Changing Over Well. At Last, It Will Bring You Greater Quality Prospects, and in This Manner Increasing More Customers in the Near Future.

3 ==> Strong Analytic Report 

You Can Create You Own Strong Report Very Simple And Easily. You Also Getting Monthly Report Your Site Performance In Your Mail Box.

4 ==> Live Active User Flow

Google Analytics Show You Real Report Live Your Current Active User When You Open It. You Can See Visitors , Country From Visitor Come  or Page Where Visitor Are Active Now. Great Feature.

5 ==> Easy And Save 

Google Analytic Is a Place Of Google , So You Know Google Always Make Their Things Easy And Save For Their User. So When You Use Google Analytics You Believe Your Site Information Is Save.

According To Me And Others Google Analytics Are Best For Everyone. You Can Use It Easily And Perfectly. Its 100% Free For Everyone.

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Top Coming Up Smartphones For Ever

Top Coming Up Smartphones For Ever

Top Smartphones Which Coming Soon In This Year 

Google Pixel 3

Release Date


Coming Soon
The Google Pixel 3 mobile features a 5.5" (13.97 cm) display with a screen resolution of Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) and runs on Android v8.0 (Oreo) operating system. The device is powered by Octa core (2.45 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 280 + 1.9 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 280) processor paired with 6 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 3000 mAh. Over that, as far as the rear camera is concerned this mobile has a 12 MP camera CMOS image sensor supporting a resolution of 4000 x 3000 Pixels and the front snapper is powered by a CMOS image sensor. Other sensors include Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope. So, does it have a fingerprint sensor? Yes, it does. For graphical performance that can make games run smoothly, this phone has got a Adreno 540 GPU. On board storage is at 64 GB with the option to expand the memory by No.

Vivo Z1

Release Date

Not Announced

Coming soon
Specs of Vivo latest phone Z1 are displayed on many websites showing that this phone will be from mid range class with trendy the notch present on the top side of the display. Vivo Z1 is definitely a new series of brand and this is the first smartphone from this series. Specifications of the device is mixture of two previous smartphones of this brand so you can say that Vivo's Z1 will be better then both device named V9 and X21. Samsung is also there with some new devices but time will tell that what will be outcome because competition is tough and Vivo Z1's specs will stand against the smartphone brands like Huawei which is also the product of home country. 154.8 will be the height of the phone where Vivo gave Z1 a width of 75.1 mm. As far the slimness is concerned this phone is 9 mm thick. Weight of the smartphone is 149.3 grams which seem to be a normal weight for this type of device. Vivo selected 6.26 inch screen for its upcoming phone Z1 where its resolution is 1080 x 2280 pixels. IPS LCD is used to bring everything to life where 16M colors are used to make the display look bright and colorful. Z1 is made up of plastic where internals of this phone are solid and on top of list is its chip Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660 which has provided a solid base for octa core processor of Z1 which has clock speed of 2.2 GHz. Adreno 512 GPU is finalized to tackle the graphical performance of the smartphone. Applications handled with 4 GB of RAM while storage of Z1 is 64 GB which is backed up by 256 GB of external storage but there is bad news for those who love to use two networks at the same time. Z1 by Vivo have hybrid SIM slot in which you can insert your SD card to expand storage of the device. 3260 mAh battery is used to meet up the needs of energy and battery of Vivo Z1 in fixed and non-removable.  


Huawei Y7 Pro 2018

Release Date

Not Announced

Coming Soon
Huawei already toppled market but Y7 Pro has yet to come in 2018 to get a new place in people's hearts. This is not the first time when they introduced devices back to back but they did it always and now once again Huawei Y7 Pro 2018 is on its way just behind the Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 which is already in market. For the first time trend is changing and Samsung Is losing its position against devices like Huawei Y7 Pro 2018 because they give more in little price. Change of the strategy has made this Chinese brand quite popular among the Pakistani peoples. With mid-range devices like Huawei Pro 2018 you can say that this brand will be the king of the upcoming youth generation where most of peoples prefer mid-rangers over the flagship devices. Huawei Y7 Pro specifications are photocopy of recently launched smartphone. There is only one difference in the specs and that difference is this that this phone is not carrying fingerprint reader. Y7 Pro 2018 has the screen size of 5.99 inches where the resolution is also similar to the other phone. Engine of this phone is consist of Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430 where Pro 2018 has got the support of Adreno 505 to beat the heavy graphics games. 3 GB of RAM has obligation to handle multi-tasking and 32 GB of ROM is hired for Y7 Pro 2018 by Huawei to store all the data under one roof. Android Oreo will be the brain of the smartphone which has a covered its face with EMUI 8.0. Huawei Y7's Pro 2018 has packed 3000 mAh battery which is made up of Li-Ion material which is good material for electricity storage.  

Iphone X                       Plus 

Release Date

Soon Announced

Coming                       Soon 
Apple created much hype about iPhone X and now new sheriff with Plus sign is landing in market with some modification in memory and display compartment. It was speculated earlier that total three of devices are going to launch and Apple iPhone X Plus seems to be one of them which has packed same OLED panels and the display size is now upgraded to 6.5 inches that makes it phablet with very few edges. Apple iPhone X's display adopt special techniques that make it look even better and brings you the curves on the sides to make the super retina display glow like a star in galaxy. Apple's iPhone X Plus got new tricks to improve the standard of the device and one more attractive feature which has made everyone crazy and that feature is facial recognition. iPhone X Plus by Apple is first device to carry this feature and it is so accurate that only real owner of this phone is capable to unlock phone. According to the company Apple X Plus is going to be most secure smartphone of the world just like Samsung. On the front and back side stainless steel is used which is fully covered with the scratch resistant glass. Apple iPhone's X Plus is a IP67 certified and now your smartphone can resist the water and dust quite easily. One more new feature included is emojis which is going to unveil your animal side perfectly. iPhone X Plus is an achievement of this brand and chipset of the smartphone is also most powerful chipset of company an its name is Apple A11 Bionic and processor of X Plus is hexa core which is combined with 3 GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROM.  

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Sony has already unfolded its Xperia XZ2 series but now the tremendous Premium version of that phone is outed with all the details of its specifications. This time they have shifted its focus towards its camera abilities and Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium is going to come with ability to capture things even beyond what a human eye can see. Just like its name its specifications are also superior. Sony Xperia XZ 2 Premium has planned to stretch its camera abilities to the maximum limit which was never achieved before by any other device and somehow Xperia XZ2 Premium by Sony has achieved this by providing you a camera with HDR 4K video recording so you can watch the real and bright colors even in your smartphone too. Sony Xperia XZ2's display is also a masterpiece because in just 5.8 inch screen you will get the 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution packed inside the package of 16:9 screen so it mean that Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium is sticking to its old plane and we will see the same display of the smartphone which we saw in other devices of this brand. Screen of Sony XZ2 Premium is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and its display is armed with Triluminos display and X-Reality Engine to bring you the perfect colors while viewing different thing on Xperia XZ2 Premium. Chip of this phone is Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 while the brain behind all this technology is the latest version of Google Android OS which is Oreo. XZ2 Premium is IP65 / IP68 certified which made him dust / water proof. 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of ROM combined together handle the storage department of this stunning smartphone. With such settings Samsung and Huawei should fear this phone.  

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