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#Youtube | How To Earn $1200+ Dollar From Youtube | #Tubebuddy

You’ve Probably Heard Stories About Regular People Earning Money on Youtube and Thought, “hey, I Can Do This Too!”. While Earning Thousands of Dollars Probably Isn’t Realistic, You Can Start Earning Money Quickly, Especially if You Have a Strong Subscriber Base. Follow This Guide to Get Your Videos Monetized and Start Earning Revenue Off of Those Youtube Ads.

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What Is Youtube By Wikipedia

  "  YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad HurleySteve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.  "

Read Youtube Policy 

How To Earn From Youtube ?

There Are Many Ways To Earn Money From Internet But Youtube Is World One Of This Best Way To Earn Money Online. Work On Youtube Is Very Easy , If You Want You Can Do It Well.

Works On Youtube

Create Your Channel .......How To Create Your YouTube Channel

Create Your Videos .......... How To Create Your Own Beautiful Video

Upload Your Video...........How To Upload Your Video On Youtube

When You Have Upload Your Video On Youtube , Then You Must Use This Great Extension Or Software For Best Your Youtube Video SEO. When You Upload Your Video With Full Health or Complete SEO, Then Your Video Starting To Get Large Amount Of Views.

More Your Video Views =   Youtube Subscribers + More Money

Read Youtube Terms 

What Is Tubebuddy  ?

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By Tubebuddy Official Site

"Tubebuddy Is a Browser Extension (Aka Browser Plugin) That Adds a Layer of Tools Directly on Top of Youtube's Website.

After Installing Tubebuddy, Simply Go to and You'll See Our Features Right Inside Their Site Designated by the Tubebuddy Logo.

In Addition to the Extension, We Offer a Bunch of Other Tools Which Can Be Found on Your Account Page After Linking a Channel.

How To Add Tubebuddy With Your Youtube Channey

Benefits of Using Tubebuddy 

*   Create Best Video Thumbnail

*   Seo Tools for Your Video

*   More Views

*   More Subscribers

*   Top Tags Suggestion

*    More Earning From Video

*    Affiliate.

How To Use Tubebuddy To Explorer Tags For Your Video Watch This Video....


How To Get Youtube Subscribers Fast And Easily ?

How To Get Youtube Views Very Fast ?


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

SEO | What Is SEO ? | All About SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) Is a Way to Increase the Performance of Your Website in Every Search Engine.means to Make Your Website Visibility Best in Every Search Engine.

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All About SEO

Search Engine Optimization Is a Best and Single Way to Make Your Site Perfect According to Every Search Engine. Search Engine Understand Your Website Visibility Beastly if Your Website Seo Is Powerful.

References About SEO

By Wikipedia

  |    Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Is the Process of Affecting the Online Visibility of a Website or a Web Page in a Web Search Engine's Unpaid Results—often Referred to as "Natural", "Organic", or "Earned" Results. In General, the Earlier (or Higher Ranked on the Search Results Page), and More Frequently a Website Appears in the Search Results List, the More Visitors It Will Receive From the Search Engine's Users; These Visitors Can Then Be Converted Into Customers.seo May Target Different Kinds of Search, Including Image Search, Video Search, Academic Search,news Search, and Industry-specific Vertical Search Engines   |

By Moz

      "   Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Is the Practice of Increasing the Quantity and Quality of Traffic to Your Website Through Organic Search Engine Results. "

Seo Is Very Important Factor for Every Website Owner  Who`s What to Make Their Website Performance Excellent in Every Search Engine Like Google , Bing  or Yahoo Etc.


Types of SEO

There Are Two Types of Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ).

>  First Is on Page Seo

>  Second Is Off Page Seo

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What Is on Page SEO ?

On Page Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) Is Your Website First Look. Means on Page Seo Is Cover All Over Your Website Things All These Things Makes on Page Seo Perfect for Your Website Like..... Learn About What Is On Page SEO Full Step By Step.

In On Page SEO You Are Doing-

*  Your Website Template or Theme

*   Your Website Contents

*   Your Website Images , Videos

*   Your Website Html / Javascript ( Codes )

*   Your Website Speed or Visibility

*   Your Website Internal Social Sharing Buttons

*   Your Website All Titles & Meta Descriptions

*   Every Url`s of Your Website

*   Keyword Research  & Density

All Above Lines Show Your Website on Page Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) Factors. When Your Website Getting All Above Things Perfectly , Then Your Website Is Best Website According to Every Top Search Engine. If You Want to Learn More About Seo Then You Must Read Beginner`s Guide for Seo. 

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What Is Off Page SEO ?

On Page Seo Is All About Which You Do on Your Website , but Off Page Seo Is Not You Doing All on Your Website. Off Page Seo Is Backlinking Mean`s Sharing Your Post or Links on Social Networks. Create Best Backlinks for Website.Learn About What Is Off Page SEO  Full Step By Step.

In Off Page SEO You Are Doing-

>  Social Sharing Of Website

>  Social Bookmarking Of Website

>  Sharing Images Of Website

>   Infographics Of  Website

>   Link Building / Exchanging

>   Guest Posting Of Website

 Benefits of Best SEO

If You Are Doing Your Website Search Engine Optimization ( Seo ) Best , Then Your Website Gain Many and More Benefits Like

*   Best Performance in Every Search Engine

*   More Website Traffic

*   More Ranking

*   100% Visibility

*    More Customers for More Sales

*    100% Unique World Wide Visitors

*    More Social Sharing on Website

If You Want To Gain or Getting Your Website Top In Google Search Engine Then You Should Must Stop Black Hat SEO.


Sunday, 7 January 2018

#Backlinks | How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Websites | All About Backlinks

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Hi You Have a Beautiful Website or You Have a Lot Of Content On Your Website., This Is Best For Your Website. But If You Have No Number Of Real Backlinks To Your Website or Blog Then Your Site Value Is Nothing. If Your Website Have a Number Of Backlinks Then Your Site Is Your Real Wealth. Backlinks Helps Of Any Site To Rank First In Search Engines.

What Is Backlinks ?

Backlinks Is Very Very Important For You If You Have a Website And You Want To Rank It In Google Or Other Search Engine First. Backlinks Means All Those Links Which Comes To Your Website Page From Others Websites Page.

Backlinks By MOZ 

   " A backlink, also called an "inbound link" or "incoming link," is created when one website links to another. The link between the two websites is the backlink  so named because it points back to the linked-to page."

Importance Of  Backlinks 

There Are Numbers Of  Benefits Which You Can Get From Your Website Backlinks

*  Increase The Traffic Of Your Site
*   Boost Your Website
*   Increase Your Website Performance In Every Search Engine.
*   Increase Your Site PA or DA
*   Makes Relationships With Others
How To Get Backlinks ?
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If You Are Ready To Get Backlinks To Your Website, Then I Tell You World Best Way To Get Backlinks To Your Site. By Me , You Have Two Ways To Get Backlinks On Your Website.

First Is Natural Backlinks 

Second Is Paid Backlinks

Remember One Thing :   

 " Do Not Get Backlinks From All Those Website Which Say You , We Give You 100 , 1000 or More Backlinks In $1 , $5 or $10. All These Backlinks Are Not Really Good For Your Website. Mostly Website Not Provide You DoFollow Backlinks." 

Before Getting Backlinks To Your Website , You Must See Some Things Like..

*  PA or DA Of This Website
*   What This Website Give You DoFollow Backlinks 

Here I Tell You Some Website Which You Can Use To Understand Any Website PA or DA . Also You Can Know About  DoFollow or NoFollow Backlinks.

How To Understand PA or DA Of Any Website

Before For Getting Backlinks Of Any Website , You Know About What PA or DA Of These All Websites. When You See All These Websites Have High PA or DA , Then You Must Get Backlink From It. 

Check Any Website PA or DA Info                  Here 

How To Check Backlinks ( Dofollow or Nofollow ) Of Any Website ?

Before Getting Backlinks Also Conform That All Backlinks Of These Websites Are Dofollow. If These Sites Provide You Dofollow Backlinks , Then Must Get Backlinks.

Check Any Website Backlinks Info                Here

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Ways To Get Backlinks From These Websites

When You Have See All Above Information Of Any Website , And You Have Satisfy With All These Websites PA , DA , Dofollow or Nofollow Info. Then You Will Try To Get Backlinks Fro All These Websites. If Above Info Of Any Website Is Good And You Have Get Backlink From This Site, You Believe Your Website Is World Best Coming Website. Because Strong Website Give You Strong Backlink . And Strong Backlink Give You Strong Traffic Means Real Unique Website Visitors. You Can Get Backlinks From These Websites By Doing

By Doing Comments On All These Websites     

By Doing Guest Post On These Websites
By Applying Broken Links Building Bible Method 

You Can Do All These Thing Easily. But First Understand , How You Can Do It Well For Your Website Or For Your Small Business. 

To 10 DoFollow Commenting Websites



Thursday, 4 January 2018

Technology | What Is Agriculture | Latest Technology For Farming

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The Science, Art, or Practice of Cultivating the Soil, Producing Crops, and Raising Livestock and in Varying Degrees the Preparation and Marketing of the Resulting Products ,cleared the Land to Use It for Agriculture

What Is Agriculture ?

According to Wikipedia  

"  Agriculture Is the Cultivation and Breeding of Animals, Plants and Fungi for Food, Fiber, Biofuel, Medicinal Plants and Other Products Used to Sustain and Enhance Human Life.[1] Agriculture Was the Key Development in the Rise of Sedentary Human Civilization, Whereby Farming of Domesticated  Species Created Food Surpluses That Nurtured the Development of Civilization. The Study of Agriculture Is Known as Agricultural Science. The History of Agriculture Dates Back Thousands of Years, and Its Development Has Been Driven and Defined by Greatly Different Climates, Cultures, and Technologies. Industrial Agriculture Based on Large-scale Monoculture Farming Has Become the Dominant Agricultural Method. "

Agriculture, or Farming, Is the Simplification of Nature's Food Webs and the Rechanneling of Energy for Human Planting and Animal Consumption.  Huh?  You May Ask.  to Simplify, Agriculture Involves Redirecting Nature's Natural Flow of the Food Web.  the Natural Flow of the Food Web Is-the Sun Provides Light to Plants.  Plants Convert Sunlight Into Sugars Which Provide Food for the Plants(This Process Is Called Photosynthesis).  Plants Provide Food for Herbivores (Plant-eating Animals, I.e., Sloths) and the Herbivores Provide Food for Carnivores (Meat-eating Animals, I.e., Jaguars).  Decomposers or Bacteria, Break Down Plants or Animals That Have Died.  Nutrients From the Plants and Animals Go Back Into the Soil and the Whole Process Starts Anew. 

Latest Agriculture Equipments

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In Past Peoples Use Very Ol and Slow Things for Produce Crops. This Way Is Very Difficult for Peoplesn. But With the Passes of Time Science Come and Make Very Interesting Things for Formers. Now We Can Do Over Work Very Fast for Good Production.

Watch This Video For See New Equipments Of Farming


After Watching This Video We Can Understand the Benefits of All These New Farming Equipments. With These Equipments We Can Do Work of Hours in a Few Mints. This Is Best for Farmer Who`s Love With Farming.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Facebook | Benefits Of Facebook For Business Or Website

Facebook Is a World #1 Social Network. The Use Of Facebook Is Increasing Day By Day. Now Everyone Not Only Know About The Name Of This Social Network But , Also Use The Facebook Well. I Means Parents , Son or Daughter Whole Family Use Facebook.
The Use Of Facebook Is Not Only To Connecting With Your Family Or Friends. But Now You Can Use Facebook For Your Business. Facebook Provide You Many Facilities For Promoting Your Business Or For Any Your Other Website.This Social Network Have a Large Amount Of Audience From Every Country. If Your Are Business Owner Or Website Owner Then You Can Get Much And More Benefits From Facebook.

Main Benefits Of Using Facebook

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If You Have a Facebook Account , Then You Can Get All These Benefits From Facebook. Like


This Is a First FB Benefit For You , On Facebook You Can Make Communication With Your Family , Friends Or Customers. Facebook Have a Lot of Amount Od Peoples Of Every Type. So Can Make Your Own Community On Facebook Or Can Add Peoples  Which You Like. Best For Your Business Or For Your Beautiful Website.


Facebook Also Provide You Marketing Facility. Because This Social Network Have Every Type Of Audience From Every Country. So You Can Make Links With All Peoples Which Have Related Your Business. You Can Use Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Business Brands Or Website. Every Country Or Every Business Is Now On Facebook.

More Website Traffic

If Your Are Owner Of Any Website, Then This Platform Is Best For Your Website. You Can Share Your Website Post On Facebook or Can Get More Traffic On Your Website. Facebook Provide You Every Type Of Traffic ,Means You Can Get Traffic Related To Your Country Or Your Website.

Low Expense Of Advertising

On Facebook You Can Promote Your Business Or Website By Make Advertising On Facebook. Your Adverting Expense Is Very Low Comparing With Others Social Networks. You Can Get More Website Traffic Or More Customers For Your Business Brads. You Can Also Advertise Your Business On Targeting Countries. Best Advertising With World Best Social Network.

Business Or Website Page

If You Have a Facebook Account , Then You Can Create Your Own Business Or Website Page. This is Facebook Best Facility For You. You Can Promote Your Business Or Website Page And Can Get Large Number Of Views Or Customers On Your Business Or Website. How To Create Facebook Business Or Website Page?

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Targeting Traffic

The Best Facility Of Facebook Is That You Can Get Targeting Traffic On Your Website Or For Your Business. You Can Promote Your Business Or Website In World Best Countries Which You Like. Best Option For You Or For Your Business.

Group Facility

You Can Also Create Your Group On Facebook Related To Any Topic. You Can Add Your Friends In Your Group. You Can Share Your Products Or Website Post In Your Group  Or Can Get More Shares Or Like On Your Brands. You Can Also Join Others Groups  Which You Like. You Can Share Your Post In These Groups And Can Get More Traffic On Your Website.

Boost Your Website SEO

Facebook Is Best Way For Boost Of Your Website SEO. You Can Increase Your Website Ranking Fast With Facebook. Because Facebook Provide You Different Types Of  Peoples From Every Country. You Share Your Post On Facebook  And Get Traffic On Your Website or Rank Your Website In The World. 

                                                          Like My Facebook Page

Here I Share Only Some Main Benefits Of Facebook, But Your Can Get Also Many Other Benefits From Facebook. This Social Network Have Million Of Daily Active Users. According To Peoples ,This Is a World Best Place For Promoting Your Business Or Website. 

How To Create Facebook Business Page?

What Is Pinterest | How To Use It?


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