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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

WWE RAW 11/12/18 Results And Reviews Watch Full Show

WWE RAW 11/12/18 Results And Reviews Watch Full Show

The Show Opened With a Tag Team Battle Royal, Which Was Quickly Ruined by Braun Strowman. Strowman Was Interrupted by Stephanie Mcmahon, and the Two Made a Deal: Braun Will Get Another Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar and a Match Against Baron Corbin Where He’ll Get to Choose the Stipulations, as Long as He Plays Ball at Survivor Series and Doesn’t Touch Corbin Until After the Event.

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 Tamina Defeated Ember Moon. Nia Jax Caused a Distraction, Allowing Tamina to Gain the Advantage and Win the Match With a Splash.

 Dean Ambrose Burned His Shield Vest, Telling Seth Rollins That the Shield Made Him Weak.

 Finn Bálor Defeated Dolph Ziggler. Drew Mcintyre Cut a Promo Insulting Kurt Angle, Which Caused Finn to Interrupt and Challenge Him to a Match. Mcintyre Said Finn Could Have a Match, but Against Ziggler. Bálor Reversed a Roll-up Into a Roll-up of His Own to Win the Match.

Backstage, Stephanie Mcmahon Added Bálor to the Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team and Ordered Him, Mcintyre, and Ziggler to All Get Along.

Ronda Rousey Cut a Promo on Becky Lynch, Calling Her a Millennial for Some Reason. Tamina and Nia Jax Showed Up and Tried to Intimidate Her.

 Ruby Riott Pretended to Apologize for Breaking Jim Neidhart’s Glasses, Then Said She Loved Doing It. Natalya Jumped Her, but the Riott Squad Beat Her Up and Hit Her With a Hart Attack.

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 Chad Gable and Bobby Roode Won a Battle Royal to Be the Team Captains of the Raw Tag Team Survivor Series Team. Other Teams in the Match Included the Ascension, the Revival, Lucha House Party, the B-team, and Heath Slater and Rhyno. Roode and Gable Won, Last Eliminating the Ascension.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Made an Appearance. Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers Interrupted, Paul Heyman Got a Little Racist About It, and Lesnar Destroyed Them With German Suplexes and an F-5 to the Floor for Mahal.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Elias. This Was for the Final Spot on the Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team. Lashley Won by Count-out When Lio Rush Grabbed Elias’ Leg, Preventing Him From Getting Back Into the Ring.

Alexa Bliss Announced Her Survivor Series Team as Tamina, Nia Jax, Mickie James, Natalya, and the Winner of the Following Match:

Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley Ended With No Contest When They Were Attacked by the Heels. Alexa Bliss Announced Ruby Riott as the Actual Fifth Member of the Team.

Becky Lynch Attacked Ronda Rousey Backstage, Putting Her in the Disarmer. Smackdown’s Women’s Division Then Attacked the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team. Rousey Tried to Make the Save, So Lynch Beat Her Down With a Chair.
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Wwe Smackdown Live Results , Reviews And Final Build to Survivor Series

Wwe Smackdown Live Results , Reviews And Final Build to Survivor Series

Tonight's Smackdown Takes Place From St. Louis and Is the Go-home Show for Survivor Series.

Last Night on Raw, Smackdown Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch Led the Smackdown Women's Division in Attacking Raw's Division. Lynch Targeted Ronda Rousey in the Invasion, but Lynch Was Injured and Has Been Pulled From Their Match at Sunday's Pay-per-view.  We'll See How Wwe Addresses the Situation Tonight.

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Last Week Paige Introduced the Women’s Survivor Series Smackdown Team. Charlotte Flair Was Named for It but Didn’t Show Up. She Was Part of the Invasion Last Night but Hasn’t Officially Accepted the Team Captain Position.

The Men’s Smackdown and Raw Teams Are Finalized. However, There’s Been a Storyline of Dissension Among the Smackdown Team. Last Week, Co-captains Daniel Bryan and Miz Were Fighting When Shane Mcmahon Tried to Calm the Situation. Bryan Was Unaware It Was Mcmahon and Threw Him to the Ground. The Team Will Try to Get on the Same Page Before Survivor Series.

Our Live Coverage Begins at 8 P.m. Eastern Time.

Smackdown Started With a Recap of the Smackdown Invasion Angle From Raw Last Night. The Crowd Broke Into a Loud “becky” Chant. Tom Philips Announced Becky Lynch Is Off Survivor Series. He Said That She Has a Broken Face and Severe Concussion. They Showed Footage of How the Injury Occurred When Nia Jax Hit Lynch in the Face. Lynch Is in the Building and Will Appear Later.

Wwe Champion Aj Styles Came Down to the Ring. He Talked About Being the Workhorse of the Wwe. He’s Been There Day and Night. He’s Defeated Every Challenger He Faced Except for Brock Lesnar. He Promised to Beat Lesnar When Paul Heyman Showed Up.

Heyman Called Raw the Premiere Show and the Fans Booed. Heyman Noted There’s Nobody Lesnar Wants to Face More Than Styles. Heyman Listed the Greatest Performers in Wwe History Including Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Aj Styles. He Said Styles Is Close to Being Number 1 but That’s Daniel Bryan. He Said They’d Never See Lesnar Vs. Bryan but Styles Isn’t a Consolation. He Said He’s Excited to See Lesnar Face the Second Greatest Performer in Wwe History, Aj Styles.

Styles Knew Exactly What Heyman Was Trying to Do. He Said He Has Respect for Bryan but Reminded Heyman He Made Bryan Tap. Last Year Styles Lost but Walked Out With His Head Up. Lesnar Limped Out. He’s Either Going to Pin Lesnar or Make Him Tap. Sunday’s Isn’t About Bryan or Lesnar It’s About Styles.

Daniel Bryan Made His Way Down to the Ring. Bryan Wasn’t Sure Why They Were Even Talking About Him. He Admitted to Tapping Out in His Match With Styles. Before the Match Bryan Said He Respects Styles but He Also Said He’d Punch Him in the Face. Bryan Noted if Styles Mentions His Name Again Then Bryan’s Going to Punch Him in the Face. Styles Said Bryan’s Name and They Started Brawling. Shane Mcmahon and Referees Ran Out to Break Them Up.

In Paige’s Office, Shane Mcmahon and Daniel Bryan Had a Heated Argument. Styles Ran in and They Had Another Confrontation. Mcmahon Announced That Wwe Champion Aj Styles Defends Against Daniel Bryan Later Tonight.

Jeff Hardy Defeated Andrade “cien” Almas (W/zelina Vega)

Almas Had the Early Advantage but Hardy Fought Back. Almas and Vega Did the Tranquillo Pose So Hardy Kicked Almas. After the Commercial Break, Hardy Was Firmly in Control. Hardy Went Up for the Whisper in the Wind but Almas Trapped Him in the Tree of Woe. Almas Hit a Double Foot Stomp for a Close Near Fall. He Followed Up With the Double Knees in the Corner.

Hardy Went for the Twist of Fate but Almas Countered With a Back Elbow. Almas Attempted the Hammer Lock Ddt but Hardy Reversed Into the Twist of Fate. Hardy Hit the Swanton Bomb for the Win.

Backstage, the Miz and Paige Watched the End of the Previous Match. Daniel Bryan Is Officially Off of the Survivor Series Team. Miz Is Now the Solo Captain of the Team. Paige Told Him to Find a Replacement and He Picked Jeff Hardy. Miz Then Decided Rey Mysterio’s Off the Team Too. Paige Said the Only Way He Can Take Him Off the Team Is if He Beats Him. Paige Made Miz Vs. Rey Mysterio Official and It’s Next.

Watch Full Show Here

In the Back, United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura Discussed His Upcoming Bout With Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. He’s Heartbroken That Rollins Isn’t Thinking About Him. He’s Been Thinking of Rollins and Promised to Break His Face on Sunday.

Rey Mysterio Defeated the Miz to Remain on the Smackdown Survivor Series Team

Mysterio Was in Control Early Until Miz Hit a Clothesline. Miz Slowed the Pace Down but Mysterio Fought Back. He Sent Miz to the Floor With a Tilt-a-whirl Head Scissors. He Followed Up With a Sliding Dive Under the Bottom Rope Into a Splash but Miz Got His Knees Up.

Mysterio Hit a Seated Senton and Followed Up With a Kick to the Head for a Near Fall. He Missed a Cross Body and Miz Hit a Ddt for a Two Count. Miz Attempted the Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio Reversed Into the 619. He Went for the Splash but Miz Got His Knees Up and Rolled Him Up for a Near Fall. Miz Was Shocked He Didn't Win, Which Gave Mysterio the Chance to Roll Him Up for the Win.

After the Match, Randy Orton Tried to Jump Mysterio but He Avoided Him. Orton Ended Up Giving Miz the Rko.

In the Back, Extra Security Prepared for a Possible Raw Retaliation.

Paige Invited the Entire Smackdown Women's Roster to the Ring. She Gave Each One an Introduction. She Noted That Lynch Was Injured Last Night and Can’t Compete Sunday. She Announced That Lynch Will Hand Pick Her Replacement to Face Ronda Rousey at the Survivor Series.

Paige Introduced the Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to a Huge Reaction. The Fans Broke Into Another Loud “becky” Chant. Lynch’s Face Is All Messed Up and Bruised. She’s Angry Because the Medical Team Won’t Clear Her to Fight. She Noted She Beat Half the Raw Locker Room and the Fans Cheered. She Said With a Broken Face and Concussion She Can Still Beat Rousey. She’s Sorry Because She Can’t Finish What She Started…yet.

Lynch Then Had to Decide Who Should Be Her Replacment and Face Rousey. She Walked Up to Each Woman on the Roster. Charlotte Flair Got a Decent Reaction but the Crowd Erupted for Asuka. The Fans Clearly Wanted Asuka. Lynch Picked Flair and Asked Her to Make Rousey Tap. Lynch Hugged Flair and Left the Ring. All the Babyface Women Hugged Flair as Well.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair Noted She Spent Half Her Career Fighting Becky. Last Night She Fought Along Side Becky and Sunday Will Fight for Becky. She Promised to Defeated Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions the Bar & the Big Show Defeated the New Day

The New Day Was Firmly in Control Early. Xavier Woods and Big E Hit a Leg Drop/splash Combo for a Near Fall. The Heels Took Over and Isolated Woods in Their Corner. Kofi Kingston Got the Hot Tag and Ran Wild.

Sheamus Gave Big E the Brogue Kick on the Apron. Kingston Hit the Sos on Cesaro for a Near Fall. Kingston Attempted a Cross Body but Show Nailed Him With the Knockout Punch for the Win.

Backstage, the Usos Met With the Colons, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and Sanity. They Offered Them All Spots on Their Survivor Series Team. They Gave Each Team Member a Smackdown T-shirt.

Daniel Bryan Defeated Aj Styles to Win the Wwe Championship

The Commentators Reiterated That Paul Heyman Caused the Tension Between Styles and Bryan. Styles Backed Bryan in the Corner but Bryan Fired Back. Bryan Charged at Styles but Got Back Dropped to the Floor. Styles Followed Up With a Plancha. After the Commercial Break, Bryan Rocked Styles With Kicks in the Corner. Styles Regained Control by Attacking Bryan’s Knee. Bryan Fought Back and Worked Over Styles Arm.

They Traded Shots in the Middle of the Ring. Bryan Ran Up the Corner and Landed on His Injured Knee. Styles and Bryan Collided in the Middle of the Ring. Bryan Hit the Running Drop Kick in the Corner. He Followed Up With a Hurricanrana From the Top Turnbuckle for a Near Fall. Bryan Went Up Top but Styles Cut Him Off With a Pelé Kick. Bryan Slipped Out and Caught Styles in the Tree of Woe. He Nailed Styles With Kicks.

Bryan Gave Styles a Huge Back Suplex Off the Top for a Close Near Fall. Bryan Hit the Yes Kicks but Styles Ducked and Attempted the Styles Clash. Bryan Fought Out of the Move. Styles Fought Back and Went for the Springboard 450. Bryan Got His Knees Up and Applied the Yes Lock. Styles Made the Ropes to Break the Hold.

Watch Full Show Here 

Bryan Went for the Running Knee but Styles Hit a Drop Kick. Styles Locked on the Calf Crusher but Bryan Countered Into the Arm Bar. Bryan Applied the Yes Lock Again but Styles Broke Free. Styles Went From the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan Moved and Styles Collided With the Referee.

Bryan Then Gave Styles a Low Blow With the Referee Down. Bryan Had a Crazed Look on His Face. He Hit the Running Knee on Styles to Win the Wwe Championship. After the Match, Bryan Snapped and Continued to Attack Styles. He Gave Him a Vicious Beating. Bryan Held the Championship in His Hands and Stared at the It.

 Best Of Luck For Next Show WWE.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Wwe Smackdown Live Recap & Reactions or Results (Nov. 6, 2018)

Wwe Smackdown Live Recap & Reactions or Results (Nov. 6, 2018)

Paige Says We Need a Trophy Photo-op Since Shane Is the Best in the World. Fans Boo Shane Again. Fans Start Chanting for Cm Punk as a Photographer Takes Shots of Shane Posing in the Ring With the World Cup Trophy. Shane Takes the Mic and Asks What's Up but He Gets Booed Again. Shane Thanks Paige for the Flattering Introduction but He Wants to Set the Record Straight - With All the Talent We Have in Wwe, He's Not the Best in the World. Shane Says the Trophy Doesn't Belong to Him, It Belongs to Everyone Here on Smackdown. Shane Says He Was Acting on Instincts When the Miz Got Hurt and He Took Over to Face Dolph Ziggler in the Finals. He Was Just Thinking of Smackdown and Speaking of Brand Superiority, We're Close to Survivor Series. Shane and Paige Go Over the Matches - Wwe Champion Aj Styles Vs. Wwe Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch Vs. Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey, Wwe United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Wwe Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins, Smackdown Tag Team Champions the Bar Vs. New Raw Tag Team Champions the Authors of Pain, Plus the Men's and the Women's Traditional 5-on-5 Elimination Matches. Shane Introduces Someone Who Bleeds Blue, Who Is Going to Lead Them to Victory at Survivor Series, Our Team Captain. The Music Hits and Out Comes Daniel Bryan as the "Yes!" Chant Starts Up.

The New Day Vs. The Usos

We Go to the Ring and the Winners of This Match Will Be the Group Captains for the 5-on-5 Traditional Elimination Match With Tag Teams at Survivor Collection. Out First Comes the Brand New Day - Large E and Kofi Kingston With Xavier Woods. Out Subsequent Are the Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. The Brand New Day Waits Inside the Ring With Francesca and a Platter of Pancakes.

Jey Begins Off With Kofi and Drops Him First. They Run the Ropes and Jey Catches Kofi in Mid-air. Kofi Counters That and Dropkicks Him Inside the Face. Jimmy Runs in but Receives Tossed Over the Top Rope to the Ground as Massive E Turns Into the Legal Guy. Kofi and Woods Do Some Comedy With Francesca and the Ropes, Permitting Big E to Stage Uso While He's Distracted at Ringside. The Brand New Day Celebrates at Ringside as We Cross Lower Back to Industrial.

Lower Back From the Damage and Jey Has Manage of Kofi. Kofi Nails a Double Stomp Out of Nowhere. Large E Tags in as Does Jimmy. Massive E Unloads With Stomach-to-belly Suplexes for a Pop. Large E Runs the Ropes for the Splash However Jimmy Jumps Up With a Large Uppercut to the Jaw. Jimmy Prices However Big E Drives Him Into the Mat for a Near 2 Matter. Massive E Rallies the Gang Now and Waits for Uso to Get Better.

Big E Scoops Jimmy for the Large Finishing but Jey Tags in and That They Nail a Double Kick to the Face. Jey Is Going to the Pinnacle but Lands on Massive E's Knees. Massive E With the Big Ending to Jey for a Near 2 Depend as Jimmy Breaks the Pin. Large E Runs the Ropes and Kofi Tags in but Huge E Receives Dumped Through the Ropes to the Floor as Jey Movements. Huge E Grabs Jimmy on the Floor and Rams Him From a Distance Into the Barrier. Big E Scoops Him Once More However Jimmy Slides Out and Sends Big E Into the Timekeeper's Location. Kofi Is Going to the Pinnacle and Leaps Out, Taking Down Both of the Usos on the Ground From Up High.

Kofi Brings Jey Returned Into the Hoop for a Near 2 Matter. Kofi Blocks a Shot and Is Going for the Sos but Jey Kicks Out Once More. Large E and Jimmy Are Nevertheless Down Outside of the Ring. Jey Rocks Kofi Into the Nook. Kofi Fights Returned and Goes to the Top, Nailing a Massive Crossbody for Another Near 2 Matter. We Pass Lower Back to Industrial.

Back From the Wreck and the Usos Turn Out to Be Double Teaming Kofi. Large E Expenses in and Spears Jey From the Apron Into the Announce Table. Jimmy Turns Around to a Hassle in Paradise From Kofi While at the Apron. Kofi Brings Jimmy Back Thru the Ropes and Covers for a Near 2 Depend. Kofi Sends Jimmy Into the Corner and Rocks Him. Kofi Takes Jimmy to the Top and Climbs Up for a Superplex.

Jimmy Resists the Superplex and Fights Lower Back. Jimmy Headbutts Kofi All the Way Down to the Mat. Kofi Runs Again Up and Goes for the Hurricanrana but Jimmy Overpowers and Turns That Right Into a Powerbomb From the Second Rope. Fanatics Cheer Uso. Jimmy Climbs Returned to the Top and Nails the Large Uso Splash for the Pin to Win.

Winners and Group Captains for Smackdown: the Usos

Becky Lynch Vs. Nikki Cross

Again From the Break and This Non-name Match Is Kicking Off. Becky With a Takedown and an Early Pin Strive but That Just Riles Move Up. Becky Still Continues Manage and Works Cross Into the Corner. Go Just Yells at Her and Tells Her to Carry It.

Fanatics Chant for Cross but Becky Dumps Her Out to the Floor. Becky Follows but Cross Traps Her in the Ring Apron and Unloads on Her as the Referee Counts. Pass Kicks Becky Inside the Head at the Same Time as She's Down in the Back of the Apron. Move Brings It Lower Back Into the Hoop However Becky Goes Returned Out and Suckers Her in, Dropping H Er at the Ground. Becky Ragdolls Go Into the Barrier a Few Times as the Referee Counts.

Becky Brings Go Again Into the Hoop for a 2 Be Counted. Greater to and Fro Between the 2. Becky Cuts Momentum Off and Is Going for 2 Brief Pin Tries. Becky With Extra Offense and a Bexploder Suplex for Any Other 2 Be Counted. Go Fights Again However Becky Kicks Her Even as She's on Her Knees. Becky Blocks a Sleeper Preserve and Rams Pass Returned Into the Hoop. Go Attempts to Fight Out of the Nook However Becky Rocks Her. Move Kicks Becky Away and Clotheslines Her for a Pop.

Pass With More Offense and a Large Clothesline Within the Nook. Go With a Bulldog Now. Go Screams on the Apron and Is Going to the Top. Cross Hits a Crossbody However Becky Kicks Out Simply in Time. Cross Goes for the Inverted Ddt and Nails It for Some Other Near Pin Try. Go Unloads With Stomps in the Corner Now. Becky Counters and Sends Go Arm-first Into the Lowest Rope. Becky Turns That Into the Disarm-her for the Submission Win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Rey Mysterio Vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

We Go to the Ring and Out First Comes Rey Mysterio. Rey Is Trying to Impress Officials to Get a Spot on Team Smackdown. We Go to Commercial.

Back From the Break and We Get a Pre-recorded Video From Wwe United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, Taunting Wwe Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins Ahead of Their Survivor Series Match. Nakamura Brings Up Dean Ambrose and Says He Will Make Rollins' Forget All of His Other Troubles With a Trip to Nakamerica and a Knee to the Face. We Go Back to the Ring and Rey Waits as Andrade "Cien" Almas Makes His Way Out. No Sign of Zelina Vega.

The Bell Rings and They Go at It. Rey With the First Real Offense. Almas Looks to Turn It Around but Rey Kicks Him and Sends Him Flying With Scissors. Rey Counters a Shot but Almas Drops Him Hard With a Back Elbow. Almas Works on the Ribs as We Get a Replay of the Big Elbow. Almas Keeps Control and Hits a Flying Knee in the Corner for a Close 2 Count. Almas Misses in the Corner and Falls Hard Out to the Floor. Rey Comes Off the Apron for a Seated Senton but Almas Catches Him in Mid-move and Launches Him Into the Barrier. We Go to Commercial With Rey Down at Ringside.

Back From the Break and Almas Goes for Double Knees in the Corner but Rey Escapes. Rey Keeps Control and Flies for the Big Senton. Rey Also Sends Almas Flying With the Scissors as Fans Cheer Him on. Almas Connects With a Big Boot. Rey Rolls Through and Kicks Almas in the Face for Another 2 Count. Fans Chant 619 Now. More Back and Forth With Counters Now. Almas Goes for the Superplex but It's Blocked. Almas Blocks the Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Almas Ends Up Hitting the Double Knees in the Corner, and Again, for Another Close 2 Count. Fans Chant "This Is Awesome" Now.

Almas Catches Rey With a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. Almas Goes to the Top for the Moonsault but Rey Moves. Almas Lands on His Feet. More Back and Forth as Almas Stops a 619 Attempt. Rey Sends Almas Out to the Floor Over the Top Rope but Almas Keeps Rey on His Shoulders. Rey Counters and Sends Almas Face-first Into the Apron. Rey Sends Almas Flying Again Into the Floor. Rey Brings It Back in the Ring to Break the 10 Count. Rey Flies in and Sends Almas Into the Ropes for the 619. Rey Nails It and Then Drops the Dime for the Pin to Win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Samoa Joe Vs. Jeff Hardy

We Go to the Ring for Tonight's Main Event as Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe Are Out. The Winner Will Earn the Final Spot on Team Smackdown. Co-captains Daniel Bryan and the Miz Are on Commentary for This Match.

Joe Takes Control to Start and Works Hardy Into the Corner, Taking the Time to Taunt Bryan. Hardy Hits an Early Whisper in the Wind for a 2 Count. Joe Avoids a Twist of Fate but Hardy Hits the Baseball Slide Through the Ropes While Joe Is on the Floor. Hardy Keeps Control and Brings It Back in the Ring With More Offense. Joe Turns It Around With a Back Elbow. We Go to Commercial.

More Back and Forth After the Break. Joe Controls for Several Minutes. Joe Sends Hardy to the Floor and Whips Him Into the Barrier. Hardy Counters a Whip and Comes Off the Barrier With a Clothesline. Hardy With More Offense as He Brings It Back in the Ring. Hardy With a 2 Count as Miz and Bryan Continue to Argue on Commentary. Hardy Goes for the Twist of Fate but Joe Goes for a Coquina Clutch. Hardy Breaks That With a Jawbreaker. Hardy Nails the Twist of Fate as Fans Pop.

Hardy Goes to the Top for the Swanton Bomb but Joe Gets His Knees Up. Joe Goes Into the Coquina Clutch as Hardy Starts to Fade. Hardy Taps Out for the Finish.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Monday, 5 November 2018

WWE Raw 5/11/2018 Watch Full Show , Results And Reviews

WWE Raw 5/11/2018 Watch Full Show , Results And Reviews

The Whole Uncooked Roster Is on the Stage. Security Is Guarding the Hoop. Appearing Uncooked Preferred Supervisor Baron Corbin Comes Out as Jojo Does the Introduction. Cole Leads Us to a Video Bundle With Highlights From Wwe Crown Jewel and New Wwe Universal Champion Brock Lesnar's Win Over Braun Strowman, Thanks to Corbin.

Corbin Welcomes Us to Raw and Mentions Wanting Protection Due to the Fact He Is So High Profile. Corbin Hypes Wwe Survivor Collection as the Only Time a 12 Months Where Uncooked and Smackdown Go Head-to-head. Corbin Plugs Lesnar's Dominating Overall Performance Over Strowman and His Survivor Collection Healthy With Wwe Champion Aj Styles. He Also Plugs Uncooked Girls's Champion Ronda Rousey Vs. Smackdown Girls's Champion Becky Lynch Plus the Conventional 5-on-5 Removal Matches. Each Suit Is the Risk for Raw to Expose It Is Advanced. Corbin Says They Also Have a Score to Settle After Smackdown Commissioner Shane Mcmahon Stole the Title of Nice Inside the World From Uncooked and Dolph Ziggler. Corbin Says Raw Commissioner Stephanie Mcmahon Will Cope With That Next Week. Corbin Says Raw Will Dominate at Survivor Collection and Once They Do, He'll Go From Appearing Gm to Full Time Gm. Corbin Selected Himself to Be the Group Captain for the Men's Team Because He's What They Need. Corbin Says His Managerial Obligations May Not Allow Him to Compete in the Match, So He's Going to Prepare the Maximum Dominant Group Possible. He Pronounces Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre as the First Two Contributors. Strowman Is Also at the Crew.

Corbin Says Strowman May Be Mad at Him However He'll Recognise Corbin Simply Taught Him a Lesson at Crown Jewel. Corbin Says Once Strowman Knows He Wishes to Admire Authority, He May Be the Crew Member They Need at Survivor Series. Concerning the Girls's Team, He Needed a Girl With Brilliant Abilities So It Is Going to Be Team Captain Alexa Bliss Selecting the Contributors. The Track Hits and Bliss Comes Marching Out From the Lower Back, Proper Past Natalya and Sasha Banks on the Degree. Banks Heads to the Hoop. Bliss Thank You Corbin and Calls Him the Future Permanent Gm. She Talks Approximately Choosing the Member of the Women's Crew Uncooked and Says She's a Herbal Born Chief. She Says She Could Be Looking the Women's Matches Very Intently and He or She Desires Them to Reveal They Have Got the Killer Instincts They Want Due to the Fact They'll Not Be Losing to the B Show, Not on Her Watch. She Says This All Starts Off Evolved This Night With an Evolution Rematch - the Riott Squad Vs. Natalya, Banks and Bayley. Corbin Likes the Manner Bliss Thinks. Bliss Says She Could Get Used to This. She Goes to Start the Primary Healthy but the Track Interrupts and Out Comes Wwe Hall of Famer Kurt Attitude as the "You Suck!" Chants Begin. Attitude Says Competing Within the International Cup Lit a Fire Under Him and He Wants to Compete Once More at Survivor Series This Yr After Leading Remaining Year. Corbin Says That Became Last Year and He's Making the Choices This Yr. Corbin Wants Angle to Take a Permanent Excursion. Perspective Talks Approximately How We Determined Things Inside the Ring When He Was Round. He Proposes a Suit With Corbin for Tonight and if He Wins, He Might Be the Group Captain. Lovers Go Wild. Attitude Calls Corbin a Humiliation to Raw After He Resists. Corbin Gives Him the in Shape and Says Attitude Will Get What He Desires if He Wins but the Simplest Manner He Sees Angle Going to Survivor Series Is if He Buys a Price Tag. Attitude Says the Most Effective Manner Corbin Goes to Survivor Series Is on Crutches After He Breaks His Ankle. Angle Leaves and His Music Hits but Corbin Demands It's Cut. The "You Suck" Chants Begin Up at Corbin.

Corbin Says This Is His Display. Corbin Demands They Respect Bliss as She Changed Into About to Talk. Bliss Is Going to Begin the Fit Once More but the Music Interrupts and Out Comes Braun. Strowman Marches to the Hoop and Starts Dropping the Security Group at Ringside. Corbin Waits for a Fight but He Retreats While Braun Enters the Hoop. Braun Chases Corbin Up the Ramp and to the Lower Back. He Drops Jinder Mahal as He Tactics. Strowman Brawls With the Authors of Pain, the Ascension and Others at the Ramp. Other Superstars Join in and the Roster Is Going at It. Strowman Breaks via and Walks Across the Again Looking for Corbin. Strowman Tells a Staffer to Tell Corbin He'll Get Those Palms This Night. We Visit Industrial as Strowman Continues Looking for Corbin.

Returned From the Smash and Charly Caruso Is With Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley Backstage. They Do Consider Tonight's Suit Will See Them Get the Win Like at Wwe Evolution. Natalya Dedicates the Match to Her Dad, the Overdue Wwe Legend Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart, and Says She's Carrying His Glasses to the Ring for Proper Luck.

The Riot Squad Vs. Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya

We Visit the Hoop and Out First Comes Natalya. She's Sporting the Anvil's Glasses. Sasha Banks Is Out Next, Followed via Bayley. They All Head to the Ring Collectively. Out Subsequent Comes the Riott Squad - Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott.

The Bell Earrings and a Brawl Breaks Out Because the Riott Squad Assaults Without Delay. Ruby Misses a Riot Kick as the Ring Clears Out but Natalya Drops Her Into an Early Sharpshooter. Liv and Logan Provide Assists, Allowing Ruby to Show It Around for a 2 Count. Natalya Is Going to the Floor as Logan Tags in. Logan Unloads Against the Apron and Sends Natalya Into the Barrier Because the Referee Counts. Logan Brings It Returned in for a 2 Matter. Liv Comes in and Finally Ends Up Getting a 2 Depend After a Kick. Liv Tosses Natalya to the Floor as We Go to Business.

Again From the Damage and Liv Maintains Control of Natalya. Liv Takes It to the Corner and Unloads Because the Referee Warns Her. Liv Misses Within the Nook but Stops Natalya From Making the Tag. Sasha Receives the Recent Tag and Decks the Others at the Apron. Banks With a Dropkick to Liv and Extra Offense. Banks With a Knee to Liv From the Apron and the Double Knees to Logan on the Ground From the Apron. Banks Goes Back in and Hits the Double Knees From the Top Rope to Liv. Banks With a Backstabber Into the Banks Declaration However Ruby Runs in and Kicks Her Inside the Face.

Bayley Runs in but Ruby Sends Her Out of the Ring. Banks and Riott Move at It Now. Banks With a Knee to the Face. Bayley Tags in and Nails a Jogging Knee to Ruby Inside the Nook. Banks Follows Up With Knees Within the Corner as They Double Group Riott. Bayley Hits the Turnbuckles but Nonetheless Tosses Riott to the Apron to Grasp Her Up Over the Second Rope. Bayley Runs the Ropes and Takes Out Liv and Logan on the Ground With a Dive. Ruby Comes Right Over With a Sto to Bayley at the Ground. Riott Brings It Back Into the Hoop for a 2 Assume Bayley. Natalya Rallies the Group for Bayley Now.
Bayley Counters a Suplex and Rolls Riott for a 2 Depend. Riott Comes Right Again to Show It Round for a 2 Remember. Riott Continues Bayley Grounded Now. Bayley Seems to Fight Again However Can Not Flip It Round. Logan Comes in and Continues Up the Assault. Bayley Fights Up and Out but Logan Launches Her Into the Second Rope Face-first by Means of Her Arm. Logan With Any Other 2 Count. Ruby Yells at Bayley to Stay Down. Liv Comes Returned in and Works Bayley Over. Liv With a Dropkick for a 2 Depend. Liv Tosses Bayley Out of the Hoop as We Pass Lower Back to Commercial.

Back From the Wreck and Logan Dropkicks Bayley for a 2 Rely. Logan Works Bayley Over and Name Callings Her. Natalya and Banks Try to Rally the Gang. Logan Pushes Banks Off the Apron but Natalya Avoids the Shot. Natalya Receives the Hot Tag, Running Over Logan and Knocking the Others Off the Apron. Natalya With a German Suplex to Logan. Logan Elbows Natalya but Natalya Counters and Slams Her Face-first for a 2 Be Counted as Ruby Breaks It Up. Banks Runs in and Takes Out Ruby However Liv Takes Her Out. Natalya With the Lariat to Liv. Natalya Is Going for the Sharpshooter on Logan and Receives It Locked in From the Middle of the Hoop. Ruby Seems at Ringside With the Anvil's Sunglasses in Her Palms, Threatening to Interrupt Them. Natalya Stares at Her and Shall We Up Off the Sharpshooter. Ruby Breaks the Glasses and Natalya Receives Emotional. The Riot Squad Laughs and Leaves Collectively as Enthusiasts Boo Them. Natalya Cries and Selections Up the Portions as Banks and Bayley Console Her.

Nonetheless to Come Back, Angle Vs. Corbin. Additionally, a Have a Look at Dx Vs. The Brothers of Destruction From Crown Jewel.

We See Braun Strowman Behind the Scenes Searching Out Baron Corbin. Again to Business.

Apollo Crews Vs. Jinder Mahal

Back From the Damage and Out Comes Jinder Mahal With Sunil Singh. Cole Leads Us to Highlights From Triple H and Wwe Corridor of Famer Shawn Michaels Defeating Kane and the Undertaker at Crown Jewel. Cole Confirms Triple H's Surgical Procedure for the Following Day. Out Subsequent Comes Apollo Crews. We Get a Sidebar Video From Crews, Who Says He's Going to Begin Stacking His Wins Tonight and Showing All People Why He Is the Human Spotlight Reel of Raw.

The Bell Jewelry and That They Move at It. Jinder Takes Control but Crews Turns It Round, Despite an Interference Attempt From Singh. Jinder Cuts Crews Off and Covers for a Near 2 Depend. Jinder Keeps Crews Grounded Now. Crews Fights Up and Trades Photographs With Jinder Now. Jinder Avoids a Shot Off the Ropes and Rolls Crews Up for Two. Crews Comes Lower Back With the Enziguri. Crews Presses Jinder and Slams Him. Crews With the Standing Moonsault for the Pin to Win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

We See Seth Rollins on Foot Behind the Scenes With the Wwe Intercontinental Identify and Each Uncooked Tag Crew Titles. Cole Says There Had Been Reviews of Dean Ambrose Being Inside the Vicinity Nowadays. We Visit Commercial.

Back From the Damage and Out Comes Wwe Intercontinental & Uncooked Tag Crew Champion Seth Rollins. He Is Wearing Each Tag Identify Belts. We See How Dean Ambrose Turned on Rollins After Their Identify Win on October 22.

Lovers Chant "Burn It Down" as Rollins Takes the Mic. Rollins Says He Deliberate on Coming Out With 3 Titles and a Large Trophy but Matters Did Not Cross His Way Within the Wwe International Cup. Rollins Also Knocks Baron Corbin for Assisting Brock Lesnar Get Back the Wwe Common Title. He Receives Fired Up Whilst Talking Approximately How Roman Reigns Fought to Take the Name From Lesnar and With the Whole Thing He Is Preventing for Now, What Corbin Did Turned Into a Slap Within the Face to Reigns. Fanatics Chant "Roman" Now. Rollins Says It Became a Slap in the Face to Absolutely Everyone, Together With the Enthusiasts. Rollins Says He Might Tell This to Lesnar's Face However He Is No Longer Right Here This Night. Shocker, Rollins Says. Rollins Says One Man or Woman Is Here This Night - Dean Ambrose. Rollins Says the Protect Become on Top of the Sector Only a Few Weeks in the Past. Rollins Formerly Tried to Get Ambrose to Return Communicate to Him Like a Man However He Wouldn't and Rollins Won't Waste Our Time Through Attempting Again. He's Here Tonight Because of the Raw Tag Group Titles.

It Feels Like Rollins Is Set to Relinquish the Titles However Corbin Interrupts From the Big Display Screen, Speakme From Behind the Scenes. Corbin Says Rollins and His Partner Will Should Protect the Titles Right Now. Against Those Men... The Music Hits and Out Comes the Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar, With Wwe 205 Live Preferred Supervisor Drake Maverick

 The Raw Tag Group Titles: the Authors of Ache Vs. Seth Rollins

The Authors of Pain Hit the Ring With Maverick Because the Bell Earrings and Jojo Does the Introductions.

Akam Starts Off and Goes at It With Rollins. Rollins Quickly Fights Them Both Off However the Double Team Is an Excessive Amount of as Rezar Degrees Rollins With a Clothesline. Rezar Talks a Few Trash at the Same Time as Rollins Is Down. We Visit Business.

Lower Back From the Wreck and Akam Covers Rollins for a 2 Count. Akam Maintains Manage and Grounds Rollins in the Middle of the Hoop. Rollins Breaks It With a Jawbreaker. Akam Whips Rollins Tough Into the Nook and He Is Going Down. Rollins Kicks Out at 2. Rezar Comes Back in and Maintains Rollins Down. Akam Tags Lower Back in and That They Go for a Double Team but Rollins Blocks It With Boots. Rollins Clotheslines Rezar Over the Top to the Floor. Rollins Unloads on Akam Now.

Rollins Nails a Suicide Dive on Rezar on the Floor. Akam Gets Sent Thru the Ropes Now. Rollins Runs the Ropes Once More and Nails a Suicide Dive on Both Opponents, Taking Them Down on the Floor. Lovers Chant "Burn It Down!" as Rollins Brings Akam Returned in. Rollins Springboards in and Takes Him Down. Rezar Is Up Within the Ring Now but Rollins Drops Him With a Slingblade. Rollins With a Blockbuster on Akam but He Kicks Out at 2. Drake Cheers Aop on as Rollins Struggles to Get to His Toes First. Rollins Cranks Up for the Stomp as Fanatics Chant "Burn It Down!" Once More.

Rollins Kicks Akam but Drake Gets at the Apron to Distract the Referee, Permitting Rezar to Get Concerned. They Double Group Rollins but He Fights Them Each Off With Kicks to the Face. Rollins Drops Rezar With a Kick and Is Going to the Pinnacle. Rollins Nails a Frogsplash on Rezar for a Close 2 Be Counted. Rollins Drops Akam From the Apron. Rezar Blocks a Stomp and Nails a Powerbomb. Akam Tags in for the Double Group Neckbreaker - Powerbomb Blend. Rezar Makes the Pin to Win the Titles.

Winners and New Raw Tag Group Champions: the Authors of Pain

After the Suit, Drake Hits the Ring to Celebrate With Akam and Rezar as They Are Exceeded the Titles. They Depart as the Music Stops and We See Dean Ambrose Come Taking Walks via the Gang. Ambrose Slowly Enters the Ring as the "You Offered Out!" Chants Start. Ambrose Drops Right Down to One Knee in the Front of Rollins Takes a Mic. "You Want to Realize Why I Did What I Did?" Ambrose Stands Returned Up as Rollins Asks Why. Ambrose Decks Him and Drops Him With Grimy Deeds as Enthusiasts Boo. Ambrose Walks the Ramp and Prevents on the Pinnacle as Rollins Recovers on the Mat. Ambrose Keeps Taking Walks to the Lower Back. Cole Asks Renee if She Can Shed Any Mild on What's Happening and She Says She's Tried Speaking to Him About It However There Is No Reasoning With Him There Proper Now. We See Rollins Suffering to Get to His Ft Because the "Burn It Down!" Chants Keep.

We Get a Look Returned at Becky Lynch's Promo on Ronda Rousey From Last Week's Smackdown. Still to Come Back This Night, Rousey Will Reply. Again to Industrial.

We Get a Look at How Braun Strowman Destroyed Security Looking to Get to Baron Corbin in Advance This Night. Corbin Is Behind the Scenes With Charly Caruso Now. She Asks if He Is Terrified of the Results He's Going to Face if Strowman Catches Him. Corbin Says He Failed to Run and He Is Now Not Scared of Strowman. Corbin Could Be There if Strowman Wishes a Fit However Strowman Wants to Damage Him, Not Wrestle, and He's Now Not Letting That Manifest. Caruso Reveals That Corbin Set Up a Make-shift Studio in a Garage Room for This Interview. Corbin Says She Simply Informed the Arena Wherein He's. Strowman Appears and Takes Out Greater Members of the Safety Team as Corbin Retreats to Protection. Strowman Walks Off Searching Out Corbin.

Ziggler Says Shane Mcmahon Isn't Always the Great Inside the World, Regardless of How the Wwe International Cup Tournament Ended. Ziggler Says We're Looking on the Satisfactory Within the International. He Is Going on About How All Over Again He Ruled and Proved He's the First-class but What Occurred? The Conspiracies Kicked in. He Talks Approximately How Drew Mcintyre Was Ejected From Ringside, How a Smackdown Referee Allowed the Miz to Assault Him From Behind and the Way Shane Bullied Himself Right Into a Tournament He Wasn't Even in... Ziggler Is Interrupted by Way of the Sound of Elias' Guitar.

Elias Starts Off Evolved Playing Beneath the Highlight Because the Area Is Going Wild for Him. Elias Says the Crowd Reaction Is the Honor He Deserves. Elias Addresses Ziggler's Complaints and Is Going to Sum It Up Real Short - Ziggler Is a Loser. Elias Mentions Oasis and How the Gallaghers Stated They Might Reunite Due to His Music. Ziggler Interrupts but Elias Tells Him to Shut Up and Let Him Sing. Elias Performs His Brand New Tune and Takes Pictures at Ziggler With the Lyrics. Ziggler Challenges Elias to Return Say It in His Face and Here He Comes as the Crowd Pops. We Go to Industrial as Elias Walks to the Hoop.

 Again From the Damage and We Get a Brief Study the Lucha House Celebration. We Reduce to a Behind the Scenes Promo From the Revival, Who Knocks the Lucha House Birthday Party for Bringing Kicks & Flips to Raw. They Say the Uncooked Tag Crew Division Has No Room for the Loser Residence Birthday Celebration and They May Ship Them Back to 205 Live in Which They Belong.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Elias

We Visit the Hoop and This in Shape Is Beginning. From Side to Side to Start Out. Ziggler Connects With a Dropkick and Talks a Few Trash. Elias Turns It Around and Drops Ziggler With an Elbow for a 2 Count. Elias Takes Ziggler Again to the Mat and Maintains Him Grounded.

Ziggler Turns It Around With a Reasonably-priced Uppercut Out of the Nook. Ziggler With a Neckbreaker for a 2 Be Counted. Ziggler Keeps Elias Down With a Bodyscissors Now. They Tangle Some Extra at the Mat. Ziggler With Moves After They Work to Their Toes. Elias With a Mule Kick From the Corner. Elias Goes to the Pinnacle and Goes for a Huge Elbow Drop but Ziggler Rolls Out of the Manner. Each Guys Are Down as We Visit Business.

Lower Back From the Ruin and Ziggler Has Elias Down Inside the Middle of the Hoop. They Combat Up and Elias Blocks a Neckbreaker With a Backslide for a 2 Remember. Ziggler With an Uppercut and Every Other Pin Attempt for 2. Ziggler Talks a Few Trash and Pushes Elias Around. Elias Tackles Ziggler and Rocks Him. Ziggler Fights Returned and Stomps at the Knee. Ziggler Rakes Elias' Face Throughout the Top Rope as the Referee Warns Him. Ziggler With Shots Within the Corner Now. Elias Fights Out of the Nook and Ziggler Fights Lower Back. Ziggler With a Neckbreaker.

Ziggler Stands Over Elias and Shows Off a Few. Ziggler Drops an Elbow to the Chest for a 2 Remember. Ziggler Maintains Elias Grounded With Another Submission, Telling the Referee to Invite Him if He Quits. They Arise and Exchange Photographs Within the Center of the Hoop Now. Elias Drops Ziggler With a Shoulder Address. Elias Unloads With Stomps Within the Nook. Elias Maintains Manipulate but Ziggler Misses a Counter After an Electric Chair and They Tangle Lower Back & Forth. Elias Droops Ziggler With a Leaping Knee for a 2 Count Number. Ziggler Counters a Circulate However Misses a Boot. Elias Counters and Nails the Sitdown Powerbomb for a Close 2 Count. They Stand Up and Alternate Greater Strikes. Ziggler Unloads and Rolls Elias Up for a 2 Rely. Elias Blocks the Zig Zag. Ziggler Dodges a Knee and Hits the Zig Zag for a Close 2 Remember as Elias Receives His Foot on the Bottom Rope.

Ziggler Argues With the Referee Approximately the Rely as Fanatics Pop. Ziggler Suggests Frustration as the Crowd Rallies for Elias. Elias Catches Ziggler and Nails Go With the Flow Away for the Win.

Winner: Elias

 After the Match, Elias Stands Tall and Has His Arm Raised Because the Song Hits. We Visit Replays as Ziggler Watches Elias Make His Exit.

Charly Caruso Is Backstage With Kurt Attitude to Speak About Tonight's Fit With Baron Corbin. Attitude Says He Is Aware of Corbin's Weaknesses and He Is Aware of the Way to Beat Him.

 We Visit the Ring and Out Comes Uncooked Girls's Champion Ronda Rousey as the Announcers Hype Her Survivor Series in Shape With Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Lovers Chant Rousey's Name Before She Takes the Mic. Ronda Brings Up How Becky Stated She Might Rip Her Arm Off at Survivor Collection. Ronda Offers Becky Some Props and Enthusiasts Chant Her Name in Brief. Rousey Praises Becky for Her Performance at Wwe Evolution and Says Becky Has Her Appreciate However Becky Higher Not Confuse Her Appreciate With Weakness. Rousey Says She Is the Last Female Who Becky Desires to Disrespect. Ronda Knocks Becky for Going to Clown College and Being a Stewardess. Rousey Says She Loves the Brand New Becky and the New Mind-set However It's Going to Take Plenty More Than a New Attitude to Beat Her. Rousey Says She Is a Herbal Born Killer and in  Weeks, She Needs Becky to Deliver All of Her Angst, Her Rage Her Pent-up Resentment, the Entirety She's Got Because Ronda Needs a Mission. Becky May Additionally Say She's the Man However Ronda Is the Baddest B---h on This Planet, She Says. Rouse Drops the Mic and Her Track Hits.

Rousey Is About to Depart the Hoop Whilst Nia Jax's Song Interrupts and Out She Comes. Jax Says Ronda Is All Fired Up and Got Her Going Inside the Lower Back. Jax Says Survivor Collection Is Like Evolution, She's Preventing for the Whole Uncooked Locker Room, Not Just Herself. Jax Is Aware of Ronda May Not Allow Them to Down but After She Makes Becky Faucet at Survivor Series, Jax Could Be Waiting for Her. Champ. They Stare at Each Other and Rousey Laughs. The Song Interrupts and Out Comes Ember Moon to the Ring. Cole Leads Us to a Video Bundle on Wwe's New Partnership With Girl Up.

Nia Jax Vs. Ember Moon

We Come Returned From the Video as Nia Jax and Ember Moon Stare Each Other Down Within the Ring. Back to Industrial.

Again From the Wreck and We Get the Bell. They Cross at It and Moon Appears to Mount Offense. Jax Just Tosses Her Out of the Ring. Jax Brings It Back Into the Ring but Moon Nails a Kick. Extra Back and Forth Now as Moon Appears to Mount a Few Momentum. Jax Catches Her in Mid-crossbody to Show It Round. Jax Dominates Moon Now and Launches Her Across the Ring. Jax Works Over Moon Whilst She's Down and Covers for a 2 Remember. Jax Ties Moon Up in a Submission Now, Telling the Referee to Invite Her if She Quits. Moon Starts Fading in the Keep.

Moon in the End Fights Out and Geese a Clothesline. Jax Overpowers but Moon Kicks Her Some Instances. Jax Drives Moon to the Mat to Reduce Her Off. Jax Scoops Moon and Sends Her Face-first Into the Pinnacle Turnbuckle. Jax Stages Moon Again and Runs the Ropes for a Large Leg Drop but Moon Rolls Out of the Manner. Jax Gets Up First However Moon Kicks Her Inside the Head. Moon With Some Other Counter and Extra Strikes as She Makes a Comeback. Moon Springboards With a Crossbody for a 2 Remember as Jax Powers Up. Moon Screams Out and Rocks Jax With a Huge Forearm. Jax Nonetheless Kicks Out at 2, Sending Moon Flying Across the Ring With the Kick Out.

Jax Shoves Moon Into the Corner but Misses a Dash as Moon Actions Out of the Manner. Moon Goes for the Tornado Ddt but Jax Blocks It. Moon With an Enziguri However Jax Continues to Be Status. Jax Catches Moon With a Samoan Drop for the Pin to Win.

Winner: Nia Jax

 After the Match, Jax Recovers and Raises Her Fingers Till the Music Interrupts and Out Comes Tamina Snuka. Tamina Marches to the Ring as Jax Watches. They Stare Every Different Down, Status Over Moon. Tamina Appears Down at Moon, as Does Jax. Tamina Grabs Moon and Nails a Samoan Drop, Right in Front of Jax. A Few Fanatics Boo. Jax Looks Burdened but She Tells Tamina to Turn Moon Over. Tamina Turns Moon Over Into a Boston Crab. Jax Starts Dropping Elbow on Moon as Enthusiasts Boo. Jax Drops Every Other Large Shot to Moon Whilst Snuka Keeps Her Down. Jax and Tamina Hug Within the Middle of the Hoop and Lift Their Hands as Jax's Song Hits. Snuka and Jax Go Away Together.

Kayla Braxton Is Backstage With Finn Balor. Balor Says Bobby Lashley Is the Most Powerful and Explosive Guy He's Been Inside the Ring With and He's Getting More Extreme Every Week. Balor Calls Lio Rush a Little Runt While Referencing His Recent Interference. Balor Says Manchester Has Been a Metropolis Divided However Tonight the City Is Balor Membership and Balor Membership Is for Absolutely Everyone. Balor Is All Smiles as He Walks Off. Nevertheless to Come Back, Lashley Vs. Balor. Back to Commercial.

 Charly Caruso Catches Up With Baron Corbin Behind the Curtain and He Blames Her for the Way Braun Strowman Keeps Locating Him. Corbin Says He Has an Emergency Appointment Tonight and May Not Be Going Through Kurt Attitude. Drew Mcintyre Is His Replacement. Corbin Hops in a Vehicle and Drives Off Proper as Strowman Rushes in to Try to Catch Him. Corbin Speeds Away.

Bobby Lashley Vs. Finn Balor

We Visit the Hoop and Out Comes Bobby Lashley With Lio Rush, Who Isn't Always Speaking on the Mic Yet. They Enter the Hoop and Rush Takes the Mic. Rush Praises Lashley and Takes a Shot at Manchester. Rush Is Going on Approximately Lashley's Physique. A Few Enthusiasts Chant "Uninteresting!" and Rush Tells Them to Recover From It. Rush Says the Gang Has Made Lashley Disenchanted and Now He Will Take It Out on Finn Balor. Balor's Music Hits and Out He Comes. Balor Does His Entrance and We Cross Lower Back to Industrial.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Kurt Angle Vs. Drew Mcintyre

Back From the Wreck and Drew Seems on as Wwe Hall of Famer Kurt Angle Makes His Manner Out, Trying to Grow to Be the Crew Captain for the Men's Survivor Series Team. Angle Assaults Early to Begin However the Referee Restores Order and We Get the Bell.

They Go at It and Change Pictures. Drew Turns It Around and Connects With a Stiff Headbutt. Mcintyre Unloads in the Nook Now. Drew Drops Perspective Once More and Works on the Arm at the Same Time as Retaining Him Grounded Inside the Middle of the Hoop. Enthusiasts Try to Rally for Perspective as He Fights Up From His Feet. Attitude Rocks Drew but Drew Drops Him With an Elbow for a Fast Pin Strive. Drew With a Neckbreaker as Lovers Chant for Angle. Drew Goes Again to Work at the Arm.

Drew With a Massive Chop Within the Nook. Attitude Comes Returned and Hits the Attitude Slam Out of Nowhere. Angle Appears to Capitalize but Drew Rolls Out of the Ring for a Breather. We Cross Back to Industrial.

Returned From the Damage and Drew Nails a Neckbreaker for a 2 Remember. We See How Drew Sent Angle Into the Steel Ring Steps for the Duration of the Spoil. Drew With a Suplex and More Offense as He Keeps Attitude Down. Attitude Fights Up Out of a Preserve but Drew Catches Him in a Belly-to-belly Throw for a 2 Rely. Drew Unloads Inside the Nook and Beats Angle Down as the Referee Warns Him. Drew Takes Angle Back Off Through the Arm and Keeps Him There as Fans Attempt to Rally.

Kurt Angle  Fights Up and Out Again However Drew Scoops Him. Perspective Slides Out and Hits a German Suplex. Perspective Keeps It Held for Two Greater Germans. Attitude Drops the Straps for a Pop. Perspective Goes for Another Attitude Slam but Drew Ends Up Hitting a Massive Claymore Kick. Drew Stares at Angle at the Same Time as He Is Down. Perspective Attempts to Power Up as Drew Talks Trash, Mocking Him. Lovers Chant for Perspective. He Is Going for the Leg However Appears Dazed and Out of It as Drew Simply Takes Him Backtrack. Perspective Struggles on Each Knees Now as Drew Offers His Leg to Him, Mocking Him. Angle Is Going for the Leg However Drew Resists. Drew Takes Him Back Off and Kilos on His Again. Attitude Appears to Be Getting Emotional as Drew Simply Laughs.

Drew Calls Angle a Coward and a Humiliation to Himself, His Family. Drew Grabs Attitude by Way of the Face and Maintains Putting Him Down With Insults. Perspective Fires Up and Grabs the Leg, Going for the Ankle Lock. Attitude Receives It Carried Out in the Middle of the Ring. Drew Powers Out and Kicks Attitude Away However Clutches His Leg in Pain. Drew Powers Up With Attitude's Personal Circulate, the Attitude Slam. Drew Uses Any Other Perspective Circulate Now and Applies the Ankle Lock. Attitude Finally Taps Out for the Finish.

Winner: Drew Mcintyre

Saturday, 3 November 2018

WWE Crown Jewel Full Show , Results And Reviews

WWE Crown Jewel Full Show , Results And Reviews

WWE Crown Jewel
WWE Crown Jewel Poster.jpg
Promotional poster featuring Kane, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels
DateNovember 2, 2018
CityRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
VenueKing Saud University Stadium
"Disconnect (Full Mix)" by Mark Moore[2]
Sponsor(s)Saudi General Sports Authority
Online Thinking Master

WWE Crown Jewel was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event and WWE Network event promoted by WWE for their Raw and SmackDown brands. It took place on November 2, 2018, at King Saud University Stadium in RiyadhSaudi Arabia. The event hosted the first-ever WWE World Cup tournament "to determine the best in the world". It also marked the in-ring return of Shawn Michaels, who retired in 2010, as well as the return of Hulk Hogan, who had not appeared on WWE television since a 2015 scandal.

Crown Jewel Full Show Results & Reviews 

United States of America Championship --
Shinsuke Nakamura Def. Rusev Through Pinfall to Maintain the Name (Kickoff Show): in a Match That Become Packed With Regular Movement, It Gave the Impression of Rusev Became on His Way to Prevailing the U.s. Name After He Locked Nakamura Inside the Accolade Inside the Middle of the Hoop. But as Nakamura Started Out to Crawl Toward the Ropes, Rusev Released the Keep in Try to Lock It in More Potent. Nakamura Took the Possibility to Head-butt Rusev's Groin and Accompanied With Kinshasa to Pick Out Up the 1-2-3. Better Healthy Than Expected for a Kickoff Show but Not Anything Too Unique.

Winner Of This Match ---  Shinsuke Nakamura

International Cup Quarterfinals --
Rey Mysterio Def. Randy Orton via Pinfall to Develop: in a Quick Healthy, as Maximum of These International Cup Suits Can Be, Mysterio Took Down Orton by Way of Folding Him Up in a Pinning Aggregate. Immediately in a While, Orton Hit Mysterio With an Rko, Launched Mysterio Out of the Hoop and Threw Him Over the Announce Desk. Whether or Not That Greater Punishment Will Harm Mysterio Later on Might Be Interesting to Look.

Winner Of This Match  ---Rey Mysterio 

World Cup Quarterfinals -- 
the Miz Def. Jeff Hardy Through Pinfall to Strengthen: Hardy Ruled Most of the Suit and Regarded Ready to Place Miz Away With a Twist of Destiny, but Miz Quickly Countered Into the Cranium-crushing Finale for a Unprecedented Clean Win for the Heel.

Winner Of This Match  --- The Miz

Global Cup Quarterfinals -- 
Seth Rollins Def. Bobby Lashley Through Pinfall to Improve: Lio Rush Entered With Lashley and Put Him Over Robust at the Mic, Deviating From the Regular Lines He Uses Every Week on Wwe Television. Lashley Ruled the Early Going Along With His Energy, However a Couple of Suicide Dives From Rollins Took Lashley Down Out of Doors the Ring. Rollins Bought His Accidents Following the Attack From Dean Ambrose for the Duration of the Bout. In a Brief Finish, Rollins Absorbed a Massive Blow, Leapfrogged a Price From Lashley and Surprised With the Stomp for the Pinfall.

Winner Of This Match  --- Seth Rollings

International Cup Quarterfinals --
Dolph Ziggler Def. Kurt Perspective Thru Pinfall to Strengthen: the Momentum Turned Into Ziggler's Inside the Early Going, and It Seemed Like Attitude Had a Smooth Win Halfway Thru the Mass While He Hit the Perspective Slam Easy in the Middle of the Hoop. Ziggler Kicked Out at Two, That's Precisely What Perspective Did a Few Moments Later Whilst Ziggler Hit Him With the the Famouser. Attitude Dodged a Zig-zag Strive and Rolled Ziggler Over Into His Ankle Lock, and It Did Now Not Seem Like He Would Be Capable of Get Out. Ziggler Finally Rolled via, Shoved Perspective via the Turnbuckles Into the Ring Publish and Hit the Zig-zag for the Victory.

Winner Of This Match  --- Dolph Ziggler 

Smackdown Tag Crew Championship --
the Bar Def. The New Day Through Pinfall to Maintain the Titles: Getting Into the Ringside Region on a "Magic Carpet" Soaring Subsequent to the Doorway Ramp on an Accelerated Platform, New Day Acquired a Massive Ovation. With Sheamus Accelerated on Huge E's Shoulders Inside the Corner, Kofi Kingston Hit a Double Stomp to His Again, Accompanied by a Large E Powerslam, However New Day Simplest Got a Two Matter. A Short Even as Later, With the Referee Distracted, Large E Discovered Himself Run Into the Corner. Huge Show Climbed to the Top Rope and Hit the Knockout Punch, and Sheamus Accompanied With a Brogue Kick for the 1-2-three.

Winner Of This Match  ---  The Bar 

World Cup Semifinals --
the Miz Def. Rey Mysterio Thru Pinfall to Boost: Other Than a Few Relaxation Holds Early, This Match Picked Up the Tempo Speedy. A Huricanrana Through Mysterio Began What Gave the Impression to Be the Final Procedure, However After Mysterio Turned Into Thrown Face-first Into the Corner, He Kicked Out of Miz's Cranium-crushing Finale. Mysterio Received Momentum at That Point and Had Miz Susceptible, but His Frog Splash Attempt Changed Into Thwarted by Improved Knees via Miz, Who Took Advantage of Mysterio's Injured Ribs With a Pinning Combination for the Win.

Winner Of This Match  --- The Miz

International Cup Semifinals -- 
Dolph Ziggler Def. Seth Rollins via Pinfall to Enhance: Rollins Nursed His Injured Neck Again, and an Early Distraction From Drew Mcintyre Furnished Ziggler With the Gain for the Majority of the Fit. The 2 Repeated the Various Equal Combos From Their Previous Suits, Along With the Ddt Spot and Roll-up Pinning Aggregate. Rollins' Ripcord Knee Evened Things Out Past Due in the Bout and Supplied Him With a Respite. Rollins Slingshotted Ziggler Out of the Ring and Observed With a Suicide Dive to Knock Out Each Ziggler and Mcintyre. Back in the Ring, Ziggler Dodged a Flying Rollins and Hit a Famouser for a Two Remember. Ziggler Then Accompanied Up With the Zig-zag, and Rollins Kicked Out Overdue Once More. With the Referee Distracted and Rollins at the Pinnacle Rope, Mcintyre Driven Him Off. Rollins Flew and Fell Flat on His Face, and Ziggler Took Advantage With a Superkick for the Win. Rollins Reduce a Quick Promo After the Healthy, Affirming Himself the First-class Within the World and Pronouncing All of Us Would Understand It to Be Actual Later Within the Night Time.

Winner Of This Match  --- Dolph Ziggler 

Wwe Championship -- Aj Style Def. Samoa Joe Thru Pinfall to Hold the Name: the in Shape Changed Into Pretty Slow With Joe Taking Early Benefit the Use of His Brutal Style. Styles Did His Nice to Work the Injured Leg of Joe, Sooner or Later Sporting Him Down With a Calf Crusher. Joe May Want to Barely Stand by the Point the Fit Came to Its Finish, and Styles Hit an Exceptional Forearm From the Pinnacle Rope to Keep His Identify.

Winner Of This Match  --- Aj Style 

WWE Championship Raw --
Brock Lesnar Def. Braun Strowman Through Pinfall to Win the Vacant Name: Earlier Than the Fit Started, Raw General Manager Baron Corbin -- Ringside to Oversee the Vacant Name Fight -- Brought the Universal Identify Into the Hoop and Hit Strowman Over the Head With It. Lesnar Proceeded to Hit Strowman With 3 F5s, Trying to Pin Him After Every One. Whilst Strowman Kept Kicking Out, Lesnar Hit the F5 on Strowman Over the Top Rope, Throwing Him Outside of the Ring and Onto the Floor. Strowman Beat the Ten Depend, and as Soon as Lower Back Internal, Lesnar Hit Him With One More F5 to Regain the Commonplace Name. At the Same Time as You Can Now Not Like the Result, This Was Definitely a Marvel, and Wwe Does Deserve a Few Credit Score for That. Nevertheless, and Not Using a Offense From Strowman, This Can Not Get a Exceptional Score

Winner Of This Match  --- Brock Lesnar 

Global Cup Finals -- 
Shane Mcmahon  Def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall to Be Named "Excellent Within the World:" Mcintyre Changed Into Banished From Ringside While the Healthy Started Out, and Miz Attacked Ziggler as an Effort to Benefit an Early Advantage. Whilst Miz Hopped Out of Doors the Hoop to Continue Attacking Ziggler, He Regarded to Land Horribly on His Ankle and Offered a Prime Harm. It Became Made to Look Pretty Real With Miz Performing in Serious Ache, but It Did Not Take Long to Look Like a Clean Paintings as Smackdown Commissioner Shane Mcmahon -- Also at Ringside -- Refused to Permit Ziggler to Win by Way of Forefit. Mcmahon Took Off His Jacket and Entered the Hoop, Pummeling Ziggler. Corbin Tried to Interfere However Were Given Tossed. Ziggler Were Given the Upperhand for a Second, but Mcmahon Became Matters Around With an Round-the-world Ddt. With Ziggler Prone Inside the Corner Following a Slingshot, Mcmahon Hit His Model of the Van Terminator From Nook-to-nook for the Win. This Turned Into Creative Although a Bit Confounding, but It Genuinely Moves the Needle Beforehand to Survivor Collection

Winner Of This Match  --- Shane Mcmahon

Degeneration X Vs. Brothers of Destruction--
the Group Changed Into Hot for Shawn Michaels Being Tagged in, However He Quickly Were Given Decimated by Undertaker and Kane, Who Stood Tall as Dx Regrouped Outdoor the Hoop. Michaels Dodged a Running Knee From Taker, Permitting Dx to Take Over. Triple H Made Work of Kane for a Piece However Regarded to Legitimately Injure His Shoulder or Ribs, Main to a Brief Tag Again to Michaels, Who Got Knocked Down and Did a Kip-as Much as the Crowd's Satisfaction Because the Enthusiasts Chanted "You Still Got It." Michaels Accompanied With an Elbow Drop , However as the Fans Chanted for Candy Chin Tune, Kane Caught Michaels and Hit a Chokeslam. Taker Tagged Himself in Quickly After, and Michaels Hit Him With Candy Chin Music However Was Unable to Capitalize as Everybody Was Exhausted. With All Four Men Outdoor the Hoop, Kane Chokeslammed Triple H via an Announce Desk, and Taker Concentrated on Michaels. Lower Back Inside the Ring, the Michaels Changed Into Singled Out by Using Taker and Kane, Even Though He Ultimately Were Given the Higher Hand With a Moonsault Outside the Hoop That Bowled Over the Gang. Michaels Crawled His Manner to the Corner for a Hot Tag to Triple H, Who Used His Popular Pass Set.

Triple H and Taker Reversed Signatures and Finishers Until Triple H Hit the Pedigree on Taker. As He Tried to Capitalize, Taker Sat Up, Grabbed Triple H's Arm and Locked Him in Hell's Gate. Michaels Thwarted Kane With Sweet Chin Tune, and Dx Were Given Out of an Attempted Double Tombstone Piledriver With a Thumb to Kane's Eye. A Now-bloodied Michaels Then Hit Sweet Chin Tune on Each Taker and Kane, and Triple H Followed With a Pedigree to Kane for the 1-2-3. All Four Guys Did Well Enough Considering Their Age and Athletic Capability, However It Became Definitely That They Were Running at 50 Percent in Their Prior Capacity. As the Fit Wore on, It Got Slower and Slower With Things Searching Extra Choreographed. The Groups Get an "a" for Attempt and Nostalgia -- Due to the Fact That Became Surely Present -- However No Longer a Lot More. Take Into Account This a Gift

Winner Of This Match  --- Degeneration X

WWE D'Generation X vs. Brothers of Destruction Full Match

WWE D'Generation X vs. Brothers of Destruction Full Match

The Crowd Turned Into Hot for Shawn Michaels Being Tagged in, However He Fast Were Given Decimated via Undertaker and Kane, Who Stood Tall as Dx Regrouped Out of Doors the Hoop. Michaels Dodged a Walking Knee From Taker, Permitting Dx to Take Over. Triple H Made Work of Kane for a Piece but Appeared to Legitimately Injure His Shoulder or Ribs, Main to a Short Tag Again to Michaels, Who Were Given Knocked Down and Did a Kip-as Much as the Crowd's Delight as the Fanatics Chanted "You Continue to Were Given It." Michaels Observed With an Elbow Drop , However as the Lovers Chanted for Candy Chin Track, Kane Caught Michaels and Hit a Chokeslam. Taker Tagged Himself in Quickly After, and Michaels Hit Him With Sweet Chin Song but Become Not Able to Capitalize as Every Person Was Exhausted. With All Four Men Outdoor the Hoop, Kane Chokeslammed Triple H via an Announce Desk, and Taker Targeting Michaels. Back Inside the Ring, the Michaels Changed Into Singled Out by Way of Taker and Kane, Though He Subsequently Got the Upper Hand With a Moonsault Outside the Hoop That Greatly Surprised the Gang. Michaels Crawled His Manner to the Corner for a Warm Tag to Triple H, Who Used His Standard Pass Set.

Triple H and Taker Reversed Signatures and Finishers Till Triple H Hit the Pedigree on Taker. As He Attempted to Capitalize, Taker Sat Up, Grabbed Triple H's Arm and Locked Him in Hell's Gate. Michaels Thwarted Kane With Candy Chin Music, and Dx Got Out of an Attempted Double Tombstone Piledriver With a Thumb to Kane's Eye. A Now-bloodied Michaels Then Hit Candy Chin Music on Both Taker and Kane, and Triple H Followed With a Pedigree to Kane for the 1-2-three. All Four Guys Did Well Enough Considering Their Age and Athletic Potential, but It Was Truly That They Have Been Working at 50 Percentage in Their Prior Ability. As the in Shape Wore on, It Got Slower and Slower With Matters Searching Extra Choreographed. The Groups Get an "a" for Effort and Nostalgia -- Because That Was Actually Present -- but Not a Great Deal Greater. Don't Forget This a Present.

Winner Of The Match  Is    D'Generation X 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Shawn Michaels says Crown Jewel isn’t a comeback, it’s a ‘cheat day’ In Urdu

Shawn Michaels says Crown Jewel isn’t a comeback, it’s a ‘cheat day’ In Urdu

تاج جیل کے ارد گرد تمام خبروں اور تنازعہ میں تھوڑا سا کھو گیا، سعودی عرب میں جمعہ، 2 نومبر کو سعودی عرب میں 
ڈبلیو کی واپسی کا حقیقت یہ ہے کہ یہ 2010 کی مارچ کے بعد سے شون میکلز پہلی میچ میچ ہو گی. بچہ ہمیں غیر معمولی 'ایک اور میچ' دینے کے لئے. اب یہ یہاں ہے، اور بہت سے شائقین کے خدشات کی فہرست میں بہت کم ہے.

ایسا لگتا ہے جیسے Michaels اسے پسند کرتا ہے. ڈبلیو ڈبلیو سے آن لائن ویڈیو ڈائری کے پہلے باب میں ریاض کا دورہ کرنے والے ریاض کو ان ٹی ٹی ایکس پارٹنر ٹریپل ایچ کے ساتھ ان ٹیگکر اور کینی کے خلاف ایک ٹیگ میچ کے لۓ دوبارہ چلانے کا فیصلہ کیا گیا ہے. جو کچھ ہم نے سالوں سے سنا ہے اس کے برعکس، وہ کہتے ہیں کہ اس کی اپنی علامات تک رہنے کے لئے کوئی دباؤ محسوس نہیں ہوتا. دراصل، اس نے یہ بھی ایک 'واپس' پر غور نہیں کرتا.

                                                                                     سعودی عرب سعودی عرب میں کیا ہوتا ہے   

'میں بہت خوش ہوں کہ 30 سال WWE کے ساتھ ہونے کے بعد میں ابھی بھی چیزوں کا ایک حصہ بننے کا موقع ہے جو پہلی بار ہو رہا ہے، لہذا میں واقعی اس کی واپسی کے طور پر نہیں دیکھتا. کام کی اس قطار میں ہر چیز کی طرح، میں شکرگزار ہوں کہ یہ میرے مقابلے میں دوسرے لوگوں کے ساتھ بڑا معاملہ ہے. میں سوچتا ہوں کہ جو کچھ مجھے اندازہ لگایا جاتا ہے اس میں آسان اور کم فکر ہے.

میں یہ کہہوں گا - اور شاید یہ بہت برا ہے کیونکہ کوئی کشیدگی نہیں ہے، کوئی تشویش نہیں ہے، مجھے 'ڈسپلےپر' ہونے کا کوئی دباؤ محسوس نہیں ہوتا ہے. ریسٹلمینیا. 'شاید ہوسکتا ہے کیونکہ یہ ریسٹلمینیا میں نہیں ہے. میں نے یہ کرنے کے لئے اتفاق کیا وجوہات میں سے ایک، یہ ان تمام چیزوں میں شامل نہیں کیا تھا جو میں 'واپسی' یا 'ریٹائرمنٹ سے باہر آنے والے' محسوس کرتا ہوں.

... یہ چاکلیٹ پائی کھانے کے لئے جی ہاں کہہ رہا ہے. کبھی کبھی، آپ کو معلوم ہے، زیادہ تر حصے کے لئے، آپ جانتے ہیں کہ یہ آپ کے لئے اچھا نہیں ہے، آپ کو اس کی زیادہ ضرورت نہیں ہے، لیکن ہر ایک اور پھر، آپ کو دھوکہ دہی کا دن ہے، آپ اسے لطف اندوز کرتے ہیں، اور پھر یہ ہے. یہ میرے لئے کیا ہے، یہ ایک بہت ہی شاندار دھوکہ دن ہے. '

کیا یہ آپ کو تباہی کے برادران کے خلاف HBK اور کھیل کے لئے بہت زیادہ حوصلہ افزائی دیتا ہے؟ کیا تم نے پہلے ہی پمپ کیا؟ کیا یہ آواز ایک آدمی کی طرح انجام دینے کے لئے حوصلہ افزائی کرتا ہے، یا ایک بڑی چیک نقد رقم؟ جمعہ سے باہر مستقبل کے میچوں کا کیا مطلب ہے؟

Muhammad Rizwan

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